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    Who was the other fig packed with the Moray besides Flint?

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    Beachhead -- both appear to be nearly identical to their Night Force versions from the TRU 6-pack.

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    Man I'm loving everything I see!! It all looks great.....Well except for the heavy assault squad. I had dreams of a heavy weapons specialist 6 pack like rock 'n' roll, salvo, expected roadblock, etc. but instead we get the 3 most overused 6 pack figures (roadblock, duke, snake eyes) and 3 greenshirts.......YIKES! I'm feeling sorry for all you completists out there. Other than that set, however, everything else looks GREAT.

    I remember when the hiatus talk was happening, and being kinda relieved because I would be able to save some money, concentrate on my RAH collection, etc. not any longer!
    "Hi principle Skinner, hi super nintendo Chalmers!!!" Ralph Wiggum

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    Good lord, all that stuff looks great, except for a few duds (Hvy Aslt Sq, Crm Shdw, ect). I think the upcoming new sculpts looks better then the RAH 6-packs they're pumping out!

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    The ARAH stuff is just terrible. I guess this is the Hasbro guys saying "screw you" to ARAH collectors since they're bent out of shape that collectors haven't taken to the new sculpts like they would have hoped. The Heavy Assualt and Shadow Guard are just terrible figure sets. Plus, no new comic packs aside from what we've already seen.

    I guess since Hasbro couldn't convince everyone to buy the new sculpt stuff, they'll simply make ARAH stuff that's so bad we'll just stop buying it.

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    Snow Serpent

    What about the new Snow Serpent? This is one of the best they have done in a long time

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    I've enjoyed what I have seen.

    I really dig that new HISS (wish we got a new HISS Driver instead of another Night Creeper though.) Only thing i want to see a more close up pic of is the Cover Girl from the DD comic pack.

    I do wish they sold these in stores though, is that same idiot that said "Uh yeah kids would be confused seeing the Joker on JLu and (that stupid retarded dreadlock freakazoid) Joker on The Batman say something to the same extent about the Sigma Six and the good stuff being out side by side (scared to be proven wrong I think)

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    Agreed, the new RAH stuff is just crap. No problem skipping those, although I will grab the Night Watch set along with everyone else.

    The new vehicles are great, but shipping will be murder. Here's hoping they run a special.

    I expect no one will be ordering the green Spirit, since he comes in black in the DD comic pack.

    Interesting that the six-packs are moving into new sculpt territory, which I hope isnt the new trend. I'd rather see six packs of various RAH Vipers, 86 BATS, and 85 Snow Serpents first.

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    Talking W00t!!!!

    FINALLY!!! Comic Pack #9!!!

    An' Scarlett comes with skis!!!

    Heh. . .my so-called "connections" on the inside swore this one was gone for good.

    Which convinces me now more than ever, that so-called "inside info" is always suspect.


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    i am kinda wishing the joes came with star wars stands now... i esp liked the bats on the mechanical type ones

    so the shawow set and the heavy assault set are for tru right......

    its sad to see tru go out with such a whimper on such softies.....

    i love the new vechiles.....they remind me alot of the truck thing in the aliens movie
    also very mega forceish.......with all the turrets and all very cool
    Always wanted: Foreign figs, protos and test shots, and vs 1 BATs and parts.


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