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    My jaw hurts from where it hit the floor after viewing these pics. Just how much product does Hasbro have for this new internet only line? Wow...these releases continue to impress me. I like the HISS...odd like we've come to expect but still cool., never thought we'd see another large scale vehicle like that. Does anyone know what the MSRP is on the ROCC? The pic was a little small & blurry and I couldn't read the little marquee sign. The Rhino, does that vehicle split into the 2 different vehicles shown in the display case? Or is it 2 separate vehicles all together?

    All I know is that I better start saving my $$ b/c between the con exclusives and these new interest releases my wallet is really gonna be ticked @ me!
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    The best new vehicles since....well ever and they aren't being sold in stores. These are 100x better than just about anything since the Joe vs Cobra or VvV came out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thoughtcrime
    I expect no one will be ordering the green Spirit, since he comes in black in the DD comic pack.
    I prefer the green one.

    I hope the Heavy Assault pack is a mock up. the art has 2 greenshirts, Duke, Ace, Snake Eyes and Mutt, but the package seems to have 3 greenshirts at the bottom, and three figures up top that I can't make out. though I guess even if they corrected it to coincide with the art (not likely if the past 6 packs are indicators), it would still stink like a skunk in heat.
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    Camo Hydrofoil

    Does any one know the release date of the Camo hydrofoil and the cost????
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    The Heavy Assault Squad I may skip, although I liked the greenshirts to begin with. If we wind up with someone resembling Ace I will probably get it.
    Night Watch is awesome and I will get a bunch to go with my originals and Infantry troops. I'm really excited about those.
    I will probably get the hydrofoil but I hope that they don't throw in unchanged NF figures. What about repainting the Wetsuit from the Vamp set? Two divers? Anything?
    Am I the only one who actually liked the Crimson(?) Shadow Guard. It's a really nice set. The coolest thing is that you can take of the helmets and they are not distinctly CGs dressed in black. They are Cobras in black dress uniforms with face masks. Very cool IMO. I will get two.
    Bat six pack is funky but cool, I will get one.
    Comic Packs didn't have much new but I am super pumped that we're getting Scarlett and Breaker (Plus the CC is cool as well). The DD pack is very cool, too, even though I prefer old sculpts.
    New sculpt figures are very nice. I will be buying at least one of each even if it is just for the artwork.
    The other vehicles are hit and miss for me. Night Ops humvee is sweet. The Hiss is pretty cool and I will probably get a couple. I hope that there is troop carrying capacity and I can get those darn missile launchers off. IMO the Hiss needs Turret cannons. The ROCC is neat but a little too funky and expensive so I may get it but probably not. The Rhino thing is kind of cool, too, but again new sculpt funky to the point where I may just pass.
    Overall, though, I am very excited and hope this stuff has somewhat of a staggered release so I'm not going broke all at one.
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    I'm so psyched for the Scarlett Comic Pack. But what's with the skis?

    That one black APC looks like the M577 from Aliens. If I get it I'll have to re-do it in olive drab.

    The night watch and shadow guards look great. The BATs eh.

    How come Comic Pac Spirit doesn't come with an Eagle?

    This is going to be expensive.

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    Weren't there some other figs? Amazon had Airtight as well...maybe next year? Cobra Commander? Didn't expect another Barrel Roll, but he's definitely a HUGE improvement from the first. Thanks. I want to use Major Barrage for Gung-Ho custom but that neck/head may pose probs. I like the Fan choice Cover-Girl/Spirit/ Hannibal Comic pack. A little dissapointed with Major Bludd, but he'll do. I'm likin' that Rhino. What fig is with the R.O.C.C.? The HISS is much better than that last repaint we got recently. Happy with the Night watch. Glad it's all infantry. I wish the "Robot Rebellion" ie Bat Attack were all the new ones and in Mudnemo's Black/Orange color scheme. STILL EXICTED and anxious though. Not bad Hasbro. Not bad at all.

    Wish I had the Blue-con Moray.
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    I LOVE most of the stuff I've been seeing!

    But where is the new Falcon figure?

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    Wow... Seems like no one will make a single complaint about Hasbro for a good while!!! The Night Watch pack, the Hydrofoil, the HISS and that big one that splits in 2 are freakin awesome, made me feel like I was back in the days! Won't be getting any of those, but if I could I would get them all!!!!!!!!!

    Lucky North American YoJoers!!!!!!!!!

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    My wish LIST:

    ROCC x2
    HISS Original x3
    BAT pack x10
    Night Watch x5
    Deluxe Vehicle
    Snow Serpents x10
    Crimson Guard x3
    Comic pack #9
    Comic Pack #76



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