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    Wow... just great stuff..
    I really like the Bat Attack pack. Robo-Kill, a Version 3, a Version 4, and 3 (I assume) Version 5s.
    The Night Watch pck is really cool. I'm glad I preordered it from GI JOE HQ.

    I'm really disappointed abut not seeing Outback. When I saw Footloose and the new Barrell Roll and started to scroll over for the next figure that red tshirt on the card art made me think they were maybe doing a Euro Tiger Force scheme for the new Outback.... alas only Salvo.
    The only new Cobra I have no interest in is the Range Viper.

    The vehicles are a little weird. The new HISS is cool with the new canopy and the top rocket launchers, the side ones are a little much.

    I doubt I'll get the weird PAC/helicopter thing but the ROCC I will definitely get. Anyone know who the driver is?

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    Is this Fred VII in the front?

    So I'm gonna have to order 'all' of this online? When?

    ...What will a Bludd and a HISS run me, you think?

    The ARAH stuff is just terrible. I guess this is the Hasbro guys saying "screw you" to ARAH collectors since they're bent out of shape that collectors haven't taken to the new sculpts like they would have hoped. The Heavy Assualt and Shadow Guard are just terrible figure sets. Plus, no new comic packs aside from what we've already seen.
    I still don't get why people haven't found the 'new' sculpts any good. I happen to love them. The only thing I'm 'unhappy' about is a little part incompadibility--and that's a customizing issue.

    Then again, my first Joe was V13 Cobra Commander, so I've 'always' seen and loved the new sculpts.

    (wish we got a new HISS Driver instead of another Night Creeper though.)
    I agree. I love the HISS Driver's look.

    Am I the only guy 'not' buying/ordering a Night Force pack....? I feel like an outcast.

    I hope the Heavy Assault pack is a mock up. the art has 2 greenshirts, Duke, Ace, Snake Eyes and Mutt, but the package seems to have 3 greenshirts at the bottom, and three figures up top that I can't make out. though I guess even if they corrected it to coincide with the art (not likely if the past 6 packs are indicators), it would still stink like a skunk in heat.
    You can kinda make out Duke and Snake Eyes (with the same head as the Desert Force or whatever it was six-pack) at the top.

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    Why do those Crimson Guards have ninja-weapons? I love the new color, but those ninja-weapons are just plain ridiculous . I wonder if they'll ever re-issue a CG with a v1-head..
    -Marc (Hardcore'82-'86!)

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    This is insane! My brain is overloaded with all this stuff. Are the 6 packs still going to be only tru exclusives?
    Looking for Starcom stuff, will buy or trade for

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    can anyone at the con get a good pic of the snow serpent. I want to see if it come with all of the V1 weapons. and alittle help with the camo hydrofoil release date and price would be nice....

    and is that a clear CC with the scarlet 3 pack???
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    Hasbro has to stick it too us one way or another.

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    does the new hiss hold figures... it looks like it has a side door on it..

    i love most of this stuff.. dont like the idea of night creeper driving the hiss.. why do we need a ninja driving..


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    I'm still not feeling Sigma Six. The anime looks cool but the figures are still retarded looking. I've never been a fan of the big feet/hands trend that has come from comics over the past 5-6 years. Just my opinion.


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