HISS 1 vs HISS 1-2005/06


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    HISS 1 vs HISS 1-2005/06

    Which do you guys prefer the original HISS and III repaint, or the new one soon to be released? The new one is obviously likeable, but if you had to choose, which one would you arm your armies with? Me? Hard to say at this point but the "O.G." Hiss has my vote until further swaying. Especially after investing in a number of the old ones. I applaud Hasbro for the new one and it will definitely make a lot of folks happy.

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    I reckon they're complimentary - the original Hiss is too lightly armed to be used for much else than infantry support. The new Hiss looks to me to be much more anti-armour focused (a welcome thing). So I'll be stocking up on a couple of new Hisses to round out my current squadron of crimson and blue Hisses.
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    The original HISS was one of my first vehicles back in the day so it holds a special place w/ me, but I like the coloring better of the III model. The new HISS looks great too since it has the possibility of troop carrying.

    (If I could only find treads for my HISS II then I'd have a HISS tank that could carry more than 2 troopers!)

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    Although they look similiar I can't really compare them. In my book they have to be separated. Firstly , because the newer Hiss doesn't have a main gun , it has missiles. Secondly, the newer Hiss seems to double as a Infantry transport, looks like it can hold at least 6 troops in the bay. So I can't compare them or choose one over the other. Its just like comparing the Hiss to a Stinger.

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    The new HISS is the perfect update to the original, imo. There are so many details that really connect to the HISS I. I actually prefer this new one over the others--with the missiles it has anti-air and anti-ground offensive capabilities, and the 'chin guns' are great. It's just like they said at the first Hasbro roundtable--they wanted to have it as if the arah line never ended in the first place--and this updated HISS is a perfect piece for this, imo.

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    i viewed the picture of the '06 version the one time and now can not find it can someone post it in this thread for further comparisons

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    Quote Originally Posted by chefhomer4
    i viewed the picture of the '06 version the one time and now can not find it can someone post it in this thread for further comparisons
    I thought I had a better pic, but I guess this is it:
    here's the box back:

    I'll look & add a better pic if I can find one.
    Here ya go!
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    Give the new hiss twin guns on the turret and take off the firing, oddly colored missiles and launchers and it would be a winner by adding troop transport capabilities to the basic original design (which is what the original should have been, IMO). As is it is a nice vehicle but I will need to do some customizing before I am truly happy with it.
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    i like it but i like most hiss remakes

    is that just an internet thing and do we have a release date?

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    release date: 10/05


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