Stepping Up, Introducing, & Notice

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    Stepping Up, Introducing, & Notice

    I would just like to greet everyone and introduce myself to those whom do not know me. My name is Devon, I have been known as MacDowin since I came on the online community in 1998. I will be the new Administrator of I hope to keep things running smooth and like the have been done in the past with a few new tweaks.

    I would also like to welcome two new moderators, I believe you allknow them well. Ann G & Sanke-Eyes01. They are coming onboard to assist Nick out with the Moderation of the forums. I hope you give them the respect and listen to them as they do their work for

    On a last note, Something popped up recently that I fully disagree with. An image was posted about G.I.Joes doing drugs. Now while I feel everyone is entitled to their own opinion of what they enjoy, we hear at do have the responsibility of maintaining a family oriented atmosphere. You may say that no children come here to chat and that is your opinion. I personally know 8 children who come here learn and talk about the hobby. But even if that were not the case, we want to maintaine a positive atmosphere in which children could come and visit. Granted many "bad" things are already out there and they may be being exposed to it, but that does not mean we have ourselves to be lazy and unthinking how something will affect another. We are in a big online community with nearly 5,000 members. Don't think for once that a child who has not been exposed to "bad" things comes here. So in that effort we will be modifying some of the rules on our FAQ page. The first of which, is that any moderator has the right to immediatly suspend someone & close a thread for what he or she deems child unfriendly. They will then bring the matter to the WbStaff in which we will discuss the issue individually and make a decison. So use your heads and don't post anything or saything that a normal caring parent would not want their child exposed to. If we all use our heads and be decent then things will run smootly and no one will be asked to leave.

    If anyone does have a personal concern, please feel free to send me an eMail. I may not be able to respond to it immediatly, but I will get to it in a timely fashion. [email protected]

    Devon (aka MacDowin)
    Yo*Joe Forever!

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    are you going to have pm's cause i was hoping to send ya one about something....guess i will wait a few days and then post it.

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    PM' are now on, thanks for mentioning that.

    Yo*Joe Forever!

    Please check out my channel and subscribe:
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    Twitter ~~~~
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    Congrats on the promotion MacDowin..and thanks for the welcome. Now come out and post a little bit

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    welcome to the team ann and phaylon!


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    Welcome McDowen & thanks for the opportunity! Thanks for the welcome Bigfan, I appreciate all you guys do & I hope to get to know you all better!

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    Congrats to all of you... It's nice to see YOJOE is growing enough to have the need for more moderators.

    Keep up the good work people.


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    Anng? Never heard of her.

    Welcome anyway.

    Congrats and welcome to everyone! I have no doubts that you will all be a great addition to the team.
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    well id say welcome to anne and snakeeyes but i kinda know them from the boards. so i guess congratulations for the promotion is better. see you all around.

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    Thumbs up

    Ann G and Snake, congrats!


    As the Webmaster of the European home of the Joes I represent our board as I'm the only webmaster who's a member of Yojoe.
    It was stupid of me to post the drug picture. Because several members of our board have been into trouble on yojoe, including myself, it did some "damage" to our board. With this post I would like to clearify our name and hope for a better future between our boards. Especially when our site goes online.
    To clearify the boards name I would like to apoligize for all "bad" posts made by any member of our board. If any of them cause trouble please see them as individuals. Many members of our board are not even visiting Yojoe or posting that kind of posts. Not all Dutch, Belgian, German, French, Swedish, English or any other European citizens are causing trouble at Yojoe. As far as I can tell there's only one person who really hates it here, and thus doesn't come here.
    So please, don't look at our board as a wasps nest with me as the queen who're trying to break the base of the American Joe collectors.
    I'm erasing my bad memories of Yojoe and members had and would like to start over again.
    I would also like to thank Devon personally for undoing my permanent ban from Yojoe. And not to forget the other members of the staff who agreed with Devon off course.

    Jeffrey Otterspoor
    Webmaster /
    Future home of the European Joes
    Yes, it's me.


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