What would you do if a member sent you threats?


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    What would you do if a member sent you threats?

    What would you do if a member sent you threats?

    Awhile back a member sent me some e-mails about how they were going to come and beat me up? Now I think this is laughable…one reason he is not even from the same country as I am.

    This person is a lowlife (according to what people tell me all the time) so I doubt I would pursue this…even though he keeps trying to egg me on. Also I have about 5 other members who have had enough of this guy so I am not alone.

    Anyways what would you do in this circumstance and who would you contact on this board? I do not think this is a moderator thing I think it goes beyond?
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    Hey Carl, honestly, I'd start by turning the guy in to the administrators of the forum that he's a member of. Then I'd report him to his ISP...and let them know that he's been sending threats. Also, I'd suggest reporting him to his email provider (if it's seperate from his ISP) for the threats that have been made.

    Be prepared to provide emails of the threats.......

    I'd say go after the person if they are a continued nuisance
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    These e-mails are over a year old...but the funny thing if my local police got back to me today!

    What a back log! And the good news is they consider his two e-mails...which I kept...to be a no no!!

    Now they are forwarding this to the customs office as well...if this guy does come across...he has a real surprise coming!!! (the guys not to bright as he sent me his real name and so on)

    If he enters the country he can be charged...and I could also sue him as I have a family with young children!

    Here is the line that the police take as a real threat and make him liable:

    "Name the date and time."

    This is all bad for him. The police say that wanting to know where i live and when i will be home so that he can assult me is crazy...they would love to lock him up for this! Now they want me to give them permission to go ahead with contacting his local police...but I am not sure if I should do this?
    This guy does still egg me on...and he is not liked here from what alot of people tell me in the chats and other pages...but I really would like the boards comments first!

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    Was this all over action figures?
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    Well it was board related. But it was not directly because of me...I posted some questions about a problem a guy was having (more than a year ago)and this guy did not like what I asked...or what I replied with. This was not over any bad trade...or over a "he said she said' type of thing...it was over where to find some toys, so I guess it was over action figures. What it came down to is I had an opinion and he did not like it and though I should not say anything. I know sometimes boards have flame wars...and people do get out of control...but to take it to this level, well like the police said its a no no!

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    That's why I archive all my disputes and put all questionable emails in my "drafts" folder. . .you never know who's holding a grudge on the back burner.


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    Threatening someone through the pm system or through an email from this board is enough to get you kicked off the boards in my eyes. Other boards I go to don't tolerate it so I see no need for yojoe to tolerate it either. If anyone gets a threatening pm or email, forward it to a moderator and we will deal with it.

    In a personal note...this happened a year ago? Is this person still doing this on ocasion? If he is, I would definately let the cops do their jobs. If it was just the one time, I would chalk it up to another "tough guy on the net" and let it go

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    To be quite honest he could be kicked off from the boards or whatever. From a legal standpoint I really don't see how you can do anything unless he does something in real life. Internet stuff is considered fantasy in courts. You can not prove it was actually that person who sent the stuff in a court room unless he admits it. I mean all he has to say was his kid sent it even though his name is on it.The only reason people ever get in trouble for internet stuff is they commit a crime in real life. There is just too many loopholes with internet stuff. I mean everytime you go in a chat room you have people fighting andyou don't see them going to jail. Another thing is people that hit on underage kids. You don't see them get arrested until they present a physical harm or attempt to meet in real life.I feel for you though because its a burden and a pain to deal with this crap. I would block him end of story.I used to be real bad with stuff like that, like I had to get my say so in. After a while of internet crap you just got to learn to not take it so serious because its just some punk playing games with you and in the long run effecting you.
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    If this guy is really bothering you and you do want this to end and you have the money or a friend who is a lawyer. You can do this. Have a cease and desist order I think its called sent to him. Its a document a lawyer draws up stating you wish for this person to quit all contact with you that way it shows you feel there is a problem then if he does contact you you can file harassment charges. I think thats how it works. I will have to ask my friend
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    What in the world has this world come to.
    Threatening over toys or an opinion............WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't believe the gaul of people these days.I am tired of the sick and criminal ways that are ruining this country and world.
    He should face the maximum sentence.I too am dealing with harassment and I too have a family.I am going to pursue until the people responsible are convicted.So my advice.......BUST HIM WITH EVERYTHING YOU GOT!!!!
    P.S. Just my opinion
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