A real Uss Flagg, check this out


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    A real Uss Flagg, check this out

    I was looking around for a model and i came across this one. I don't know how close to scale it would be for 3 3/4 inch joes but imagine setting up a couple skystrikers on this sucker. It says its 16 feet long and 5 feet wide. Could fit a couple planes on here. Too bad the starting bid is a bit pricy for me.

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    WOW! That thing is AMAZING! It makes the real USS Flagg look so fake!

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    Yeah, I don't want it unless I can play with it in the pool

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    Man, you could buy a lot of Flaggs with the amount of money its going for.

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    That gave me a severe headache for two reasons
    1. the sheer awesomeness of that
    2. the price, my home didn't cost that much.

    If I dreamed that I had that I would stay home and play for a week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackdragon
    ...I don't know how close to scale it would be for 3 3/4 inch joes....
    The add says 1:72 Scale, and Joes are roughly 1:18, so as you guys probably know, a Joe would look like a giant on that. However, there are some very cool 1:72 toys out there right now... I still like my Flagg better... 250 K would buy a house with room for the best Joe room ever.

    This dude is a seriously talented modelor though. Wow.

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    That is really neat! I would love to have something like that. It is a little pricy though.

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    And we think our significant others give us flak for the Flagg...

    Can you imagine that conversation? "Honey, I just spent our 5 kids' college
    tuition for a 15 foot model of an aircraft carrier. Would you mind selling the living room furniture to make room?"

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    I think if truly wanted a scaled Flagg, you would need to build it on a semi flat bed trailer or something like that.

    Can you imagine that?

    With 500 Shipwrecks, a couple hundered Topsides and various other Navy figures all over?
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