mortal kombat liu kang torso?

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    mortal kombat liu kang torso?

    was that a completely orginal made piece or was it used for any other joes before that?
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    The regular version is a v1 Road Pig torso, also used many other figures

    The movie version Liu Kang torso was going to be used (ironically enough) for Ninja Commando Road Pig, which was never released
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    ohio- right next to the air force museum- which totally rules.
    Thanks for posting this. 15 years later and I was wondering the very same thing. Liu kang movie version is a little expensive, but I need his (mostly) bare chest for a custom. I was hoping there was another way to get it cheap, but this clears it up for me. Aside from the spike belt this chest is way better looking than the original road pig.
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