G.I. Joe Dog Tags (Series 1 & 2)


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    Arrow G.I. Joe Dog Tags (Series 1 & 2)

    G.I. Joe Dog Tags (Series 1 & 2)

    Don't know anything other than they are being produced by Diamond comics and:

    Series 1
    Available December 2005
    Domestic Price: $14.99

    Series 2
    Available March 2006
    Domestic Price: $14.99

    Other than that I have no furter information. Anything else is pure speculation.
    However, I hope that these are replicas of the dog tags the Joe team members wear.
    This kind of reminds me of something I thought of, before. I once submitted to Hasbro that they should have made G.I. Joe/COBRA dog tags to be used as the sound attack chips, to insert into the slots on the vehicles made for sound attack, instead of having the weapons with those awkward tabs. I still think that that is a good idea.

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    I just contacted Diamond Select Toys and here is the info they supplied me - it should help you out.

    The Dog Tags should be a great item for Joe Collectors. It comes with a base with a peg for displaying the figure along with the dog tag of a specific character (Flint, Gung Ho and Snake Eyes are series 1) Also we will have a reproduction of the Joe Members File Card on our packaging so you can cut it out and display it with the figure and tag. The price point for these will be somewhere around $14.99 and they should be out in the Fall/Winter.

    Thanks to DST for the product update.
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    Please ask them to include a pre-cut filecard IN the package. Yes, cutting filecards is a tradition, but a time-consuming, nerve wracking, pain in the butt tradition. It also destroys the packaging, which I like to keep for these kind of items. I'd much rather have the pre-cut filecards like the ones that come with the convention exclusive packages.

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    Thanks for the info, Jeff!
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    I passed that on Jeff
    My eBay store with an over 12,000 feedback rating
    WANTED carded 1982-88 Joes for my collection

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