Tie Fighter with better scaled wings


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    Tie Fighter with better scaled wings


    It's about time they did this. People have been screaming for it for years. Funny part is that with the larger wings it looks odd to me now. Still, I will bet getting one assuming the price is reasonable. I'm glad to see another item from the original trilogy again. The new stuff hasn't been doing anything for me. Other than a few Jedi Starfighters, ARC170 and a handful of figures I haven't been into Star Wars very much. I guess I am just stuck in the mode that no matter what, stuff from my childhood is better than the new stuff.

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    Nice looking fighter. Any close-ups of the figure?

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielmd06
    Nice looking fighter. Any close-ups of the figure?
    It is probably the same one they have been using as a pack in for sometime going back to the TIE Bomber

    This is going to be a sweet piece!
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