Wife brought the a-10 home!!!


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    Wife brought the a-10 home!!!

    verry little sleep to day. ( I work the night shift )

    any typos blame it on the above.

    Wife a supervisor at target. Saw me eyeing the bbi-elite force a-10 and lamenting on the loss of joe's. (none at her target)

    she nabbed one of the two at the store $ 19.99 minus her 10% discount.

    I have it in hand and going to bed, gotta be back at work in 3 hrs.
    Any qustions feel free to ask.
    Quick obsevations

    Figure like a t crotch ace unknown if helmet comes off dont think so.

    box shape identical to thunder jet.
    cockpit quiet detailed and visible thru tear drop canopy.
    Lots of sound and action features for the young'ens.
    body wider than hasbro's wings stubbyer ( by memory only)
    cammo good copy of euro-1 cold war sceme.

    Is this chap me thru bbi or their version?

    A sleepy Campus Cop in Texas

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    Sounds interesting.

    I wonder if 21C is ever gonna release their 1/18 scale A-10. Love to see that in Cobra blue with Rattler stickers.

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    I ran out and snagged one after reading this...

    It is pretty cool, a well spent $20. It has almost all the same features as the thunderwing, with sounds, firing missiles (load in a CLIP) and it is pretty big. It would be great for kids, dogfighting with the Thunderwing.
    Selling Joes all day onnna' 'bay...
    Armageddon Toys

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    Can you guys post pics of this thing?
    WANTED: Two (2) clear visors

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    FINALLY saw one of these at a local target today
    <to those in the SF Bay Area, i saw several in Tanforan Target>
    and i was really Really REALLY tempted to get one
    BUT since i just got me a couple of Thunderwings, i decided not to

    kinda regretting it now tho
    * - * - *
    New eBayID: the_faceless_master

    Old eBayID: dreytopia

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    its been at albany target for awhile now, i just dont have the room myself.
    and the stub wings bug me, but id still have one if i had room
    need 88 TF dusty crotch


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