"Those Guys From The Other Galaxy" - Power Commandos !


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    Talking "Those Guys From The Other Galaxy" - Power Commandos !

    Hi Guys,

    Thought you guys might be interested in seeing pictures of the Power Commandos I recently obtained. Power Commandos are G.I. Joe-like 3 3/4" poseable figures, released in the US by the Lucky Bell company in 1987. 6 of them were rereleased in the U.K. in 1992.

    These are rare and there is not much information out there about these figures. I had been searching Ebay for 2+ years to find these. The Yojoe Archive has 2 pages dedicated to the Power Commandos under the Action Figures - Not G.I. Joe section:

    YOJOE.COM | Knock-Off "Power Commando"
    YOJOE.COM | Knock-Off "Power Commando"

    Also, fellow Yojoe forum member Captain DC has a nice page about the Power Commandos:


    What's cool about these, is the similarity to Hasbro's Joes. Though some of the color schemes are a bit far-out, a few of these figures could fit easily into the Gijoe world. And it's evident that Lucky Bell used "borrowed" some of sculpting from already made Joe figures. Nite Serpent (awesome name and figure), is very similar to the Crimson Guard. And Communicator came with Torpedo's flippers, and has what seems to be a modified B.A.T. head.

    On to the pictures!

    Group Shot:

    Cardback Figures:

    Carded Individual Figures:

    Well, hope you enjoyed seeing these G.I. Joe "knockoff" figs. To me, it's cool seeing "knockoff" figures, as it's a testament to how popular and widespread Hasbro's G.I. Joe line was.

    I'd love to have these addedto the Power Commandos section on Yojoe. Dan, if you are the person involved with updating this section and have interest in these, just let me know. I've taken a lot of pictures of these and can send them to you promptly.

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    Yes that fun. Very interesting as well. The GI Joe team very popular rubbing off on some. As Lucky would say. lol

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    I would love to get these added to the archives. Just send the pics to dmooretoys @ yahoo.com (remove spaces) and I will try to get them added hopefully this weekend or maybe Labor Day weekend (4 days off!!!). I'm still trying to get caught up on some other submissions (including GBPackrat's art) but I will definitely get these added. Also, please let me know how you want to be credited.


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    I am extremely interested in these now... How in the world can I find them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hkohles View Post
    I am extremely interested in these now... How in the world can I find them?
    Patience, luck, knowing the right people, and quite a chunk of change unfortunately. Have you checked the trade forums?
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    Yeah, I would love to find some as well!
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