$7 comic pack Cobra Soldier - worth it?


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    $7 comic pack Cobra Soldier - worth it?

    My local Wal-Mart is in the finishing stages of their x-mas toy reset, and the tons and tons of early comic packs w/ the Cobra Soldier figure are currently on clearance for $7. I'm not a huge army builder, but I do like the figure somewhat. In your own opinion, is this figure worth $7? I don't care to have the other figures that came packed in the package...

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    I would definitley buy them up at that price. I like it enough, and it is an old-sculpt mold.
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    i would be all over them, plus some sweet weapons, and the baroness makes a nifty custom cobra troop
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    You could also use the remaining CC body for...Whatever custom you want.

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    I agree, clean them out. If it turns out to be something you don't like, you've got some nice trade fodder.
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    I'd go for them. I turned my extra CCs in Cobra Infantry Commanders and the Baronness into female infantry. Here's the pics: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/cpsawy.../ph//my_photos

    At $7 they are more than worth it.

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    It's not the Baroness/Cobra Commander pack, its the other set where the Cobra Soldier is the only Cobra figure in the 3pk. Might swing by there again this weekend and pick up another pack...

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    Ahh, are you talking about pack 5? The one with Steeler and Flagg? If so I'd be willing to offset the cost for those two figures...well one of each anyway. I have the comic pack but would like to have those figs loose if the price was right ya know.

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    I believe that pack #5 actually commands a higher price in the secondary market because for some reason it was harder to find (or didn't sit on shelves for as long). The officer is worth the seven dollars, and the other two figures are not worthless by any stretch of the imagination. I can see people dropping $3 for either of those figs, in which case you've almost made your money back.
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    Well, if anyone wants a set I'd be happy to pick one up at the $7 price + shipping. Just PM me if interested.

    Thanks everyone for the input.


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