What's your favourite version of Big Ben?


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    What's your favourite version of Big Ben?

    Since everybody hates this figure, I have to ask.

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    White Arctic version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Beef
    White Arctic version.

    Me too.
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    The original and I think it's an awesome figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcast
    The original and I think it's an awesome figure.
    ditto, and plus its the only version that came with the bipod which really made the gun nicer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joebahama
    ditto, and plus its the only version that came with the bipod which really made the gun nicer.
    My sentiments exactly. I really like v1 and v2. The problem, like Firefly v1, is not the figure, the problem is that the mold has been release 97 times in like 3 years.
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    Version 1, he's one of my favorite figs.
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    Gotta go with version one. I also agree with the statement of him being over released.
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    I think what happened to Ben was that, once they revived the line fully, they didn't have access--or maybe the funding--to a whole lot of moulds. Thus, the moulds that they 'did' have had to be put to use somehow. That's how we got previously (almost) unknown characters like Big Ben and Mirage got thrown into the mix.

    I think a lot of the Big Ben hate also comes from the fact that he was packaged--twice--with a popular army builder, Alley Viper, and a lot of collectors ended up with a bunch of him. The fun thing I see about this, though, seeing as Ben was in a (relatively) accurate SAS uniform, one could use 'him' as an army builder too and make a mini-squad of SAS guys. (Not that I've done that, since my one and only Ben came in that infamous Bag o' Eleven I keep talking about.)

    I'm partial to V4 of Ben myself...since I own him. >.> But yeah, I happen to think he goes excellently with General Tomahawk V2--the beige/brown is almost spot on for both of them and they just generally go good together.

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    I had the arctic one but I used it for a custom a while back. I now have the tan & green one that came with the blue Alley Viper, and its one of my favorite figures, I dont hate it at all. It helps that I dont really army build.

    He also looks like the dad from The Wonder Years.


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