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    I did this last year, but I thought I'd do it again. Anyone out there starting college or any other school? Where are you going and what are you studying?
    I'm at Towson University, learning Industrial Design, I've been wanting to get into toy design for about 7 years now.
    Hi, I'm Tim Mizak.
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    Dude, I am right there with you for toy design. But not so much design but more toy concepting. It is something I wanted to do for a long time. I graduate from college this past may with a degree in advertising so I plan on making a move with the upcoming year. Good luck to ya man.

    Sole Survivor

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    Hey Mizak,
    Your a local boy. Im at UMBC studying Mechanical Engineering. Not sure what in toys I can do but one of my classes is a design class this year and we get to play with a neat machine that allows us to make models of anything we want. One uses styrefoam and glue the other makes them out of plastic. I was hoping to try to do something w/ a toy but im not sure if I will get the chance.
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    Well, I've only got my senior projects to finish for I.D. I didn't choose the best known school for Industrial Design (UW-Stout), though.

    (We should just start our own toy company. )

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    Ironic that i'd follow up Icebreaker cuz I actually have heard of and know where Stout is!

    Anyways, just finished college last Dec. at Univ. of Wisconsin (Madison).

    Communication Arts with a heavy background in tech support and web development.

    If you guys want to get a toy company up and running, I've got you covered in the PR/Marketing and Web departments. Oh and tech supprt!

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    I have a physical education degree. Can I be in the toy company?
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    Going to Georgia Southern to get a Political Science degree starting next semester. Planning to use it as a spring board for going to law school. Yep, I'm going to be a blood-sucking lawyer.

    Not a whole lot of options for me since I want to stay as close to home while I'm in the educational system.

    Thinking about joining the military after I've got the law degree. JAG like my father before me.

    Richard J.

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    I just finished my Associates Degree but I'm taking a few classes towards my Bachlrs. degree. The classes are a a community colege Kaskaskia College. They have partnerships with four colleges but not for any degree I want to receive. So I'm looking for a college close to home--next semester or next fall more than likely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard J.
    Going to Georgia Southern to get a Political Science degree starting next semester. Planning to use it as a spring board for going to law school. Yep, I'm going to be a blood-sucking lawyer.

    Just don't join the Crimson Guards after you get pass the Bar.

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    I'm trying to get a certificate as a "stay at home mom".

    Seriously, my town is the location of a prominent (high demand) Heart Institute. If I get my cert. in medical transcription, I can work at home and raise a kid.

    Save $$$ on day care!

    Ahh - I dunno what I'm doing. This'll be my third time attending college. I like studying, just not achieving long-term goals.



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