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    My G.I. Joe Store
    $1.99 or less bargains! (with low prices in ALL categories)
    --» Wanted

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    2 questions

    1) Is it still item description theft if it is partially altered. I have done this but I always alter it in someway and did not know this was a big problem

    2)What do you do about harassment or threats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seaslug
    2)What do you do about harassment or threats?
    Email Threats

    Report it using the link at the bottom, and don't forget to add this person to your blocked bidder list. - Great screenshot archive ;)

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    lol, the examples of threats are great!
    Thanks for the link Erick.
    Read my blog, or I will replace all your Argen 7 figs with Crystal Balls!


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