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    Hey guys, I have been looking at this set for a little while now. Has anyone here bought it? It looks like the figures are articulated fairly well.
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    Interesting set, I've been thinking about getting it myself. Just make sure any posts here refer only to the figures. If this turns political at all it will have to be closed. Many members here live in countries where these toys are not even allowed. Even 50 years after the fact this can still be touchy.
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    I thought about getting that. But some reason I think the price I seen it marked at was 150. I kinda like those figures. Get your Indiana Jones figures while your at it.
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    I actually just bought a set & it arrived last Friday. It's pretty cool, I like how each figure has an individual face sculpt. Some of the uniform/glove painting could have been better applied (seems thin in some areas), but other than that they look good. I will likely be leaving it in the box (I got it more from a neat collectible standpoint), so I can't comment on the articulation. I have #0639 of a 5000 run.

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    I never thought about using it to go with Indiana Jones. That would make a great dio... LIke when he entered the book burning in Last Crusade walking amongst troops.

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    I have been thinking about getting this. I am a huge WW2 buff. I fought off getting any 12" WW2 figures till this year at the CON. I might be hooked now though.
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