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    Exclamation How do I report this to eBay guide

    I am going to use this thread to post links of useful items on eBay that can help you - the YoJoe user - make eBay a safer place to trade and avoid trouble. This is a work in progress as I will continue to add to it. If you have one to add, le tme know. If you want me to find one for you, let me know.

    You can report auctions using the Report link at the bottom of most of these links.

    Spoof Emails
    forward them to
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Excessive Shipping & Handling

    Item Description and Picture Theft

    Payment Surcharges (charging to accept paypal/credit cards)

    Keyword Spamming

    Previously Suspended Users

    Invalid Bid Retraction

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    Maybe mention, also, any suspicious emails claiming to be from ebay should be forwarded to:
    [email protected]
    They seem to go in streaks, 20 in one week, then nothing for a month, but reporting them does help to crack down on some of the scammers.
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    NICE! I already had all these bookmarked too. Heres a good one:


    And don't forget that suspicious emails claiming to be from PAYPAL should be forwarded to:

    [email protected]


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    you might want to add in the email addresses-
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    any suspected spoofs you can just forward to those addr, and they get it , they also usually send a thank you email reply
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    PayPal Payments Policy:

    I was trying to report someone who explicitly states they will not accept PayPal payments made by credit card. This is now against eBay policy. They also used the PayPal logo under Payment Options, which is also against policy

    You can only report item numbers and not sellers which is annoying

    I don't like the policy, but rules are rules
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    that is an absolutely HORRID policy.

    that is end around forcing everyone into a merchant, pay for every incoming paypal type account.

    i am not happy one bit. that should not even be legal.
    im at a total loss.

    theyre now telling us we cant accpet paypal period unless we upgrade to merchant account.

    now i dont feel as bad i just closed my store and dont plan to sell for awhile, even though i already have the merchant account.

    ARGH! i cant yell loud enough to express how this frustrates me!
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    I won this auction only 4 days ago and the seller leaves me bad feedback, but its not just a neg. its also very explicate and dirty.-

    Is there any rules against this or anything that can be done? What a jerk

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    Quote Originally Posted by spike
    I won this auction only 4 days ago and the seller leaves me bad feedback, but its not just a neg. its also very explicate and dirty.-

    Is there any rules against this or anything that can be done? What a jerk
    oh my goodness they're back years ago a few people managed to scam log on info with phishing scams and they left feedback like that on about 30 accounts it really P/O eBay when it happened,so yes report it.

    by the way you were not alone
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    holy crap thats alot of BS

    anyway, ive been trying to contact the seller and i got a message form him saying someone hijacked his account and its currently getting straightend out so hopefully it will be done soon.


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