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    Would it be more difficult for Hasbro to scuplt new ARAH style figures? Is there any good reason to continue with the "new sculpt" style? I thought they did the new scuplt for a new generation of GI Joe fans. Well, that idea fell through and now its just us old timers buying the DTC stuff(unless Sigma 6 takes off). It would be nice to buy stuff that I actually like and could display/integrate with the rest of my collection instead of some oversized disproportate new sculpt figure that I feel obligated to buy, but will probably just throw in the back of my closet. I love the ideas mentioned above. The only thing I can think of that I'd like to see that hasn't been specifically mentioned already are cartoon 3-packs w/ a dvd of the episode(s). Maybe 3 episodes per disk with one figure from each episode in the pack. I'd like to see a comic book vehicle/playset line too. The Pit, Castle Destro, ... whatever. I just need some cool, well designed playsets.

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    Hasbro has shown time and again (Comic Pack heads, Comic Pack Horrorshow) that they do have the capacity to make good ARAH-style figures still.


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