The Cobra cartoon laser rifle.

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    Smile The Cobra cartoon laser rifle.

    We have had the Joe laser rifle for years, it originally came with Snow Job and it has been reused since then, especially in the comic packs. However, I don't recall ever seen an accessory made of the laser rifle that Cobra used in the cartoon.

    Has there ever been one? Would anyone like one made or is everyone too much of, "It's not real!" fuddyduddy?

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    i always thought of the cobra soldiers rifle as a longer version of it

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    I think the 92 destro gun is pretty close.
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    84 Baroness's rifle without the stock?
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    Antybots is right, the 92 Destro Laser is teh closest they have made. It was rereleased with a number of figures and isn't too hard to find.
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    Yeah, but the clip is too big to use as a second hand grip, like the toon Cobras did.

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    Yeah, and I find the regular handle very clunky and almost unusable.

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    even though destros gun's barrel looks more like the toon gun...the feature that stood out to me from the toon was the 2 handles spewing out laser blasts....therefor the best two handeled representation is the one that originally came with sci fi version two and has come with numerous single pack cobras in abundance i have about 50 of em now.....i think the neos came with two of them even
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    I think Windchill's gun looks a lot like the cartoon rifle, since it has a stock, and the Destro gun does not.
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