Proposed new figs: "I can dream, can't I?"

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    Proposed new figs: "I can dream, can't I?"

    These are just ones I want (maybe you want some too)
    I tried to group them together in logical packs

    I know I have too much free time, but it's better than what Hasbro's given us for the most part

    ALL "old sculpt" ARAH-style w/ (new) ball joint necks. No repaints of old molds unless applicable. Any lost molds or body parts? Make new ones (do not reuse any parts from other molds) If you build them, we will come.....and buy them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by spike
    lady jay efrom the sunbow series too, not just dic
    Like I said, I grouped them as logically as possible whereever I could fit them. I want an accurate Night Creeper Leader and Lady Jaye was with him in the "Revenge of the Pharoahs" episode so there you go.

    I'd want a new mold anyway, instead of the current Lady Jaye mold with the paper-thin hands. They won't hold out much longer. The DiC version is also slightly different
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    Would the LRRP Snake-Eyes be unmasked and with that cool hat? That would be way cool.

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    Here are some 6-packs I'd LOVE to see:

    1x Toxo-Viper V1 as Toxo-Viper Elite
    3x Toxo-Viper V2
    2x Toxo-Zombie
    All in Heavy water colors.

    The REAL Heavy Assault Squad
    Mega Marines Gung-Ho
    Blast Off
    Mega Marines Clutch
    Star Brigade Duke body with Salvo head and helmet as Salvo
    Nice unified colorscheme and the Salvo and Barricade would have a 5 and 6 painted on them to keep the numbering gimmick.

    Iron Grenadier High Command
    Destro V2 with Comic Pack head in gold chrome
    Voltar in black (Might have to substitute for some other body with new sculpt Voltar head)
    Metal Head
    Scrap Iron
    Sergeant Major (Frankenstein city)
    Black, Red, Gold, THATS IT!!!

    Python Patrol 3
    Range Viper
    Night Viper
    Alley Viper
    Hydro Viper
    Vapor as Air-Viper
    Crimson Guard Immortal
    In the newer Python Patrol scheme.

    Viper V1x4 (Legs remolded, removable helmets with new CG heads underneath. Red hair, blonde hair, brown hair and black hair)
    Mercer V1 body with Viper V1 head, arms as Viper Officer
    Mercer V2 body with Viper V1 head, arms as Viper Squad Leader
    86 Viper colors

    Cobra Night Watch 2
    Night-Viper x4
    Night Creeper x2
    Painted in the base color of the Night Watch pack with the lighter blue/gray trim and silver Cobra/skull logos.

    Crimson Strike Team Reinforcements
    Crimson Strike Viper x 4 (Viper V1 with legs remolded, removable helmets with new CG heads underneath. Red hair, blonde hair, brown hair and black hair)
    Crimson HISS Driver
    Crimson HISS Gunner (Cobra Officer mold)
    Painted to match the convention Crimson Strike team.

    Cobra Star Brigade
    Star Viper
    SOLO*-Viper x4 (TARGAT mold *Sub-Orbital Low Opening)
    Black with silver trim

    Cobra Air Strike Team
    Vapor as Air-Viper
    Heli-Viper (May have to recast or new sculpt head)
    Rotor Viper (Windmill mold with new sculpt head)
    Rattler Pilot (Wild Weasel V1 mold)
    Mach-Viper (Countdown body, Airtight head)
    Nice unified colorscheme

    Cobra Naval Assault
    Hydro-Viper x2
    Electric Eel x3 (Eel V2 in translucent green/yellow)
    Lamprey x1
    Nice unified colorscheme

    Cobra Arctic Assault
    Snow Serpent V2
    Cobra Trooper x2 (Cobra Trooper head, waist, legs Snow Job torso, arms)
    Viper x3 (Viper V1 Head, waist, legs Iceberg V1 torso, arms)
    Lots of whites, light greys, etc.

    Cobra Desert Assault
    Desert Scorpion x3
    Range-Viper x2
    Various shades of brown, with a nice desert camo

    Cobra Heavy Assault Squad
    Frag-Viper (Major Bludd V2 mold with new sculpt head)
    Laser Viper V2
    Classic Cobra blue/red/black colors

    Cobra Mechanized Assault
    HISS Driver x2
    Stinger Driver x2
    Black with red and silver highlights

    Steel Brigade
    Steel Brigade x2 (V1 mold with appropriate parts substitutions for missing parts)
    Steel Brigade Commando (Firefly Body)
    Steel Brigade Heavy Weapons (Tripwire Body)
    Steel Brigade Infantry (Grunt Body)
    Steel Brigade Transportation (Thunder Body)
    All figures use Steel Brigade head and unified colorscheme

    As for comic packs, I'd like to see them finish out the original 13 with Grunt, Flash and Grand Slam. I don't care which issues they use, but Dr, Venom, Billy and a REAL Kwinn are absolute must as well.

    Cartoon packs would rock, Cadet Deming, Pythona, Big Lob, Sparks, Mara, snake-faced Cobra Commander, etc. I'd like the Dic packs as well, but with the way Dic in general is looked upon I doubt it would fly (That could change if Dic gets released on DVD though).

    Finally, I'd love to see a Stars & Stripes set done right for the upcoming anniversary. All 13 Original Joes in their comic pack molds, but original colors!
    I need a 2000 Battle Armor Cobra Commander head.

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    Patrick & Viperlord both of those lists rock. I doubt Hasbro will be sculpting any brand new RAH-style figures ever again, but its nice to dream!

    I want Barrage recolored with a new head and released as Roadblock. I'd be shocked if this doesn't happen at some point, then again this is Hasbro.

    -Vipers with removable helmets & human legs
    -Night Vipers in grey with dark grey trim
    -'92 Firefly in v1 colors
    -Bombstrike repainted as Lady J
    -more 90s molds in better colors

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    Why RIP 2-packs, why not just do the issues the characters were in? Yeah, you'd have to buy another figure, why would anyone be opposed to buying more RAH figures ?

    Issue 19: Dr. Venom, Kwinn, (a better) General Flagg

    Issue 26: Hard Master, Soft Master, Flash Back Snake-Eyes (pick one)

    Issue 43: Candy Appel, Fred II (Wade Collins), Drunk

    Issue 46: Prof. Appel, Ripcord as Zartan, Zartan as Ripcord

    Special Missions 13: Lightfoot, Mangler, Outback (or Dusty)

    Issue 109: Doc, Heavy Metal, Crankcase

    Issue 112: Cool Breeze, SAW Viper, Ambush (or somebody else)

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    The R.I.P. packs would be the basis for the new "theme" to the line (if this stuff was made)

    I'd only want those "R.I.P." figs in comic 3-packs as long as they didn't include simple repaints with new heads. Tunnel Rat and Flint from #76 were pointless, just like Scrap Iron, Duke, Roadblock etc. I'm just trying to make it as easy as possible for Hasbro

    As your list illustrates, it's hard to pick the 3rd fig. I'm also sick of the repaints given new names (w/ file name or rank added) because Hasbro lost the copyright.
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    *alittle side note* what does RAh and ARAh and all the others actually stand for?

    right now im compiling a list all all unproduced characters from the sunbow series, i dont have the dic series or any comics so i cant get complete lists from either of those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spike
    *alittle side note* what does RAh and ARAh and all the others actually stand for?
    A Real American Hero
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    $1.99 or less bargains! (with low prices in ALL categories)
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