Where can I find the old G.I.JOE comic commercials


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    Where can I find the old G.I.JOE comic commercials

    If any of you collectors out there are as old as me and have been collecting as long as I have then you'll remember the animated commercials for some of the old G.I.JOE Marvel comics. I still can remember commercials for issues #47 and #49 with the Devilfish and when Serpentor throws his Snake around Hawk's neck which then starts choking him. Anyone know where I can find those? I think I still remember a commercial for issue #18 also.
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    Ahh the memories! I remember this was even before Beach Head appeared in the cartoon. I liked the omic version much better. Thanx Bleak!

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    No problem man. I enjoyed watching all of those not too long ago actually. My only gripe with them was the generic look of a lot of the main characters. You couldn't tell Clutch, from Breaker, from Grunt etc....

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    I remember the comics coming out before the toon so I guess they did improve their faces for the toon. I liked the Scarlet of the comic and toy commercials much better than her cartoon version. She looked just her filecard picture. Wow I have a very good memory because I have not seen those commercials since they aired on T.V. and still remembered some of them. Great comics.
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