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    I am going to start customizing a few figures at a time. Can anyone recommend me what type of paint to use-enamel, flat, etc.or brands-testors, military paint, etc. to use on 3 3/4 Joe and Cobra figures? Sure could use some info.
    Thanks Benny
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    I use acryllic paint. Enamel seems to go on kinda gunky for me and doesnt seem to dry as fast. Some here that make pretty good customs (like Spike) use enamel I believe though.

    The master race is made of plastic and only 3 3/4 inches tall


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    It comes in a rattle can, but it actually is a pretty good paint. It bonds with plastic, so you won't need a top clear-coat like you do with many other types of paint. I would still recomend a clear coat on any heavy-wear areas though. The only other thing I would recomend is a good air brush, & to mix your paints with an enamel hardener. You can find this in the automotive section of most paint retailers. It won't bond the way Krylon will, but you'll have a lot more control, & the hardness of your finished product is incredible if properly mixed.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinnister
    Some here that make pretty good customs (like Spike) use enamel I believe though.
    thank you

    i use both testors and model masters enemal paints. i get them at a local hobby lobby. the testors enemals can some times be a little glossy unless you get a color that specifiacly has flat in the name. testors seems to stick well. model master takes a while to dry and i usually have to put some type of matte finish or clearcoat on it. the reason i like MM, is cause they always have the color im looking for.

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    I use Citadel paint with either glossy or matt sealer..

    Works pretty good and dries fast.
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