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    $5 Bugg


    Been looking for one for a few weeks now. I know this one is incomplete and a little dirty/dusty, but for $5 I'll take it! I sure hope it's as cool as every one here said it is...

    Once I actually have it in my hands to inspect look for me to post a want thread for the pieces I'll need to complete it.

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    Looks like you did pretty well to me. Great starter vehicle. I might have a few parts you are needing too when you get your need list figured out.

    The master race is made of plastic and only 3 3/4 inches tall


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    It looks like the tab is broken that connects the bubble pod to the rest of the bugg

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    the pod can still stay in with a broken tab.i had one like it and it stayed in.i got a missile or two extra for a bugg if you need.i think i paid about 30 for my bugg complete and decals unapplied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thewyseone
    the pod can still stay in with a broken tab.
    If the tab is broken, I didn't notice it. Then again, I wouldn't have known to have looked for such a thing before purchasing. Good to know though that if it is indeed broken that the sub pod will stay in place.

    Once I know what I need or need to replace I'll post a want thread. Thanks!

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    Thats a good deal for that price. I love the Bugg, yours looks about 85% complete but at least you get most of the main parts. The First thing you need is the Dome clear glass. I saw one somewhere on the net for about $2.50, when I figure out where I repost. I do believe you will pay maybe another $10 to complete that. But thats not bad considering Buggs can go for as high as $65 complete, and yours is in good shape once you clean it up.


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