Hooded Cobra Commander


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    Hooded Cobra Commander

    Just wondering how rare these are to find still sealed in their plastic baggies. I remember when i was a kid, i was the only one i knew that had one (i live in Australia by the way). Think someone wanted to trade a tommahawk for it as well. I said no as i thought it was ultra rare, i didnt think they did their mail aways to Australia, only to me (things you think when your a kid). ended up selling my whole collection for $20 (AUD) when i was about 14 (wasnt cool anymore).

    So, back to my question.. Is it rare to find still sealed ?
    And how much would you pay for one ?

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    they were offered until 1994, you could buy them direct from hasbro and they were also included with the 1994 mail order green carrying case. Probably worth around $15.00.

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    They aren't rare, but they are worth around $30-35.

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    it's tough to find them sealed but not much, i recall someone here was selling one for $20 a few months ago

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    The first version was cobra commander sealed in a bag with the file card seperate and the later versions came with the redback file card inside the bag. You are looking at anywhere from 20-50 for one depending on the market
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