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    Quote Originally Posted by Corredor X
    Just got these, still on their cards:


    These were the four playsets that were given to store customers who bought an undetermined amount of money in Comandos Em Ação, in the mid-90's. They're made of a very fragile plastic but are great, I think. Inside their cards, there are instructions on how to make them more realistic, using paper, glue, wood, etc. I'll make better (and individual) photos later, to contribute to the International Archive of the site. I want to send some other things too, like some loose brazilian figures that only appear carded on the site, some catalogs, toy ads and such. Not many things, but I really want to contribute to the site that made me collect again. I owe you guys very much
    Wow! Very cool! I guess my "looking for" list just got a little longer.
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    It's been a good week....

    Expensive but good. Hope to send some pictures in for the archives soon.

    Original page of GI Joe artwork from issue 14 of the Marvel series

    Original Hasbro artwork done for the Sgt. Slaughter coupon inserted into the action figures for the mail in offer

    AFA 80 9 Back Stalker on the newly discovered "Type A" card missing the "snap on accessories" printing.

    Always buying original Marvel GI Joe artwork if anyone has any. Many pages for trade as well!

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    check out my latest win from Krymsyn:

    i think alot of people are sleeping on his auctions cause i've been getting some good deals from him.

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    Speaking of Terrordromes heres my latest purchase this will make my 4th terrordrome. I might have to start selling some off soon. Any way heres the link to my most recent one. All the pieces that are missing I have already so basically once I get this it will be 100% Complete. Heres the link:


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    Thought I'd post some of my recent scores.

    I have spare parts to complete this Moray so for $10 and includes the box, heck yeah.

    and a nice spare second set of bagged 2005 convention figures

    Lastly the one statue I've been wanting (wouldn't pay retail for) Cobra Commander

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    Just won this lot mainly for the Crossfire's Gun. still a pretty good deal for a complete Armadillo and a bunch of parts.

    so if you see anything in there you want lmk and i'll put em on hold for ou untill i can inspect them.
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    USS Flag

    Does anybody have the USS Flag? In my entire life I have never met anyone that had one. I remeber when I was a kid I only saw one, one time in a store but the box was open and it looked like pieces were missing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolandthunder
    Does anybody have the USS Flag? In my entire life I have never met anyone that had one. I remeber when I was a kid I only saw one, one time in a store but the box was open and it looked like pieces were missing.
    I got my first one this year. I bought it in two lots on ebay; one had the entire Flagg (sans the deck-plates), and the other was for the deck-plates. Altogether it only cost me about $100 shipped.

    If you have the room, I highly recommend getting one. I still have a few pieces to go (small stuff, like the purge valve and Admirals chair).

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    Exclamation What do you know about this?

    I think this tank is pretty rare. I asked my grandmother to buy this for me on Christmas from Sears like 23 years ago. It was some kind of limited edition I think. Origionally this motorised tank was made green for the good guys. It doesnt have the box but its all there, including decals, and it works/looks like new. I still have the "dude" that came with it too.

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    I had the green version of that tank as a kid. It was cool that it was motorised but it could only hold one guy that kind of took some fun out of it.

    I saw today on ebay that there were a bunch of flagg parts for sale. You might want to take a look I think they had the chairs

    Found this collection on Ebay today. Sorry its not mine to brag about but its a great collection if anyone has this kind of money to spend.
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