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    Here are some of the things for the flagg on Ebay. I think they have both pieces you need.

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    Smile Silver pads Grand Slam

    I just recieved my silver pads Grand Slam. Check another grail of my list.

    Sorry no pics right now, cause I've got no idea were the digital camera is.

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    I just got these in the mail today.

    1985 G.I. Joe Snow Cat, 100% complete, but dusty, with Frostbite, complete with filecard.

    1983 G.I. Joe Snow Job, complete with filecard.

    SJ and Frostbite have some yellowing, but they are decent. I am now trying to get a complete Iceberg, Blizzard and Sub-Zero. Those, combined with the Stalker v.2 that I have, will create the ideal Winter Operations set, at least for me. It's what Hasbro should have put together for the set they released.

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    if my stuff from Hector arrives today, I swear I'll post pictures!

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    This one isnt so much of a what I got as a what should I get. I have been talking about Gi Joe every since I joined and today my wife finally said that she would let me get some stuff off of ebay but she put a price limit on me of $10.00 bucks. I have bid on about 20 differant things and I keep getting out bid. There are three items Ive bid on that Im in the running for still and really want the first is the [COLOR=#0000ff]GI Joe 1985 Transportable Tactical Battle Platform [/COLOR] not 100% missing 2 rifles and the radar, next is the [COLOR=#0000ff]Gi Joe Sears exclusive 1984 bridge layer w/ Tollbooth[/COLOR], and last but not least [COLOR=#0000ff]GI Joe 1986 Havoc w/ Cross Country 100% complete[/COLOR]. These are all things that I loved but what would you guys suggest. Remember I havnt kept much track of GI-Joe the last 15 or so years.

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    well first off you don't out the auctions your bidding on

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    At this point its not the end of the world if I dont get something. As far as I can tell you guys have a lot more time and money in this then me. I wouldnt be upset if I got outbid by someone on here as long as I got to see some pics of their collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joel109
    I think you wasted $100.00.
    I think you did pretty good. The Ice Sabre is an awesome vehicle.

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    Has anyone else seen this yet?

    I've decided to sell all my vehicles, just don't have much space to display them. Here's the list and condition:

    USS Flagg--opened on sides, contents checked, everything still there

    Rolling Thunder,


    Cobra Bugg,

    Desert Fox,

    Swampmasher--never opened. All in great shape.

    Hammerhead--never opened, tape has turned brown, box has darkened on the back and sides

    3 Battle Copters--Heli-Viper, Major Altitude, and Ace--Never opened

    5 Battle Force 2000 vehicles--Sky Sweeper, Vindicator, Dominator, Marauder, Eliminator, all are in good shape.

    Marauder's box has some wear on top. None have been opened.


    Shark 9000--never opened, both boxes are bowed in places (definately the worse lookin' boxes in the lot)

    Monster Blaster APC,


    Attack Cruiser,

    Ice Sabre,



    Radar Rat--all unopened in good shape

    GI Joe General--box has some wear on it, a little dented on top, opened on one side to check contents and taped again, everything is there

    Tactical Battle Platform--Heavily taped on one side, everything is there

    1983 HQ Command Center--Retaped, good shape

    Cobra Hiss 2,




    Mean Dog--never opened

    Skystorm--retaped on one side, never opened, back is bowed a little

    Avalanche--retaped on one side, never opened, box has a little wear


    Cobra Mamba--great shape, never opened

    Mobile Command Center--retaped on sides( a lot of tape used), opened to check contents

    That's all of it. None of these vehicles have EVER been assembled (everything in original bags or other packaging), most never opened, a few that have been opened by someone else have been checked to make sure everything is there. Most of these boxes look great!
    Great collections are like great food, and great sex. They take time!!


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