Who is the leader of your Joes when Hawk, Gijoe, and Flagg on vacation?


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    Talking Who is the leader of your Joes when Hawk, Gijoe, and Flagg on vacation?

    I know most are going to say Duke, but I going with officers. A good example is like Surefire or Falcon thier both officers. For me I think I would have to go with Falcon. What your decsion?
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    im still going with Duke because a first sergent holds a higher position than a LT, even thuogh the LT outranks a 1st sarg.
    and thats also what it is in the cartoon

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    Sgt. Slaughter all the way. (Since they never really stuck to rank in the cartoon anyway, and yeah, I know you said officers)
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    Col. Hawk is the CO, Duke is the field commander.
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    In this order:
    1. Duke
    2. Flint
    3. Stalker

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    GI Joe really needs an XO... There's a distinct shortage of officers in the GI Joe structure. I mean, it doesn't really make sense to have a two-star general in charge, and the 2i/c be his top sergeant. I'm not saying that we need new characters - I'd like to see some of the guys get commissioned. I know that Ace, Steeler, etc, are officers but I'm talking about platoon commanders.

    It's hard to say... as long as Falcon remains a lieutenant I don't see him being in charge of the entire team, but once he made captain (which wouldn't be too long) I think it'd be fine. In the field though, I think Duke would be a better pick, so I'm talking about in garrison.
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    Duke, because he's been my default leader since I first got the battle Corps version.
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    generally...prior to the recent organization changes....

    General Flagg (son of Flagg)
    -Colonel Courage
    --Capt. Grid Iron
    --Rapid fire
    ---Lt. Falcon

    ---Psyche out (intelligence command)
    ---Doc (is not dead here--personnel and medical command)
    ---Major Storm (ground based vehicle command)
    ---Payload (air based command)
    ---Keel Haul (sea based command)
    ---Bulletproof (urban command/civil liason)


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