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    Serenity Figures.
    Toy Company - Diamond Select
    Year Made 2005

    Ok, ever sense my wife was pregnant 3 years back, I became addicted to Firefly. Even though it was aired more than botched up in the series of episodes it should have been run, I became a brown coat and was proud of it! Firefly helped me through the hardest part of my life, when my wife and I lost our baby at four months in. It was tough, yet firefly gave us both an escape for an hour every Friday from the harsh reality of our current loss. Then the series abruptly ended. I joined a Nice and quiet firefly forum and we began the battle to get Firefly back. Of course it took some time but when it finally returned on the big screen under the title of Serenity (the name of the Starring role ship) Then my second wish came to be and a small and short-lived series of figures were produced. Luckily I was able to find all of them including the Jane Cobb Chase figure, the Mal Limited edition figure and of course my Prized limited to 500 Jane Cobb Con figure, that sadly never went to the Con. But I have #98 of 500 and I’m psyched. Today they all still rest in their packages do to the fact I have no room for them to be opened and displayed, but who knows maybe one day J


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    Very cool but...

    There is one more you need - Diamond is giving away a bloody Reaver to the first 1,000 people who buy tickets for this New York comic show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dockingbay97
    Very cool but...

    There is one more you need - Diamond is giving away a bloody Reaver to the first 1,000 people who buy tickets for this New York comic show.
    AHHHH MAN....

    Any one going?!?!?!? I'll buy your reaver?!?!?

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    OK, so it's not much, but I have to share.

    I finally completed my Death Star with some unbroken girders and a couple replacement floors, so everything's there, even the rope, trash, and Dianoga. (Oh yeah, the box and instructions came with it, too)

    Then I got greedy. I decided to army build Death Stars. LOL Right now it looks like the unfinished Death Star from ROTS and ROTJ, but it's just too much fun! I have one complete, one at 75%, and one at about 50%, all lined up in a hemisphere. Got the idea from a customer at the Pittsburgh toy show - thanks, Josh! (If anyone has any extra gray or top floor girders, let me know!)

    In the latest box of Death Star parts I got, I also got my first diecast Slave-I. Too cool!

    Like I said, not much, but a little fun on my part.

    Here's a link to a pic of each, I'll expand the album later tonight:
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    Today's haul

    Perfect Dark Zero Collector's Ed (with guide) and Doom on DVD

    Purchased about 10 minutes after finding THIS:*Mazinger fig in pic not included*

    An X-Box 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Where did you get the ChunLi Viper Commander?

    Wanted : 25th anniv AWE STRIKER MIB w/ Crankcase

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    good to see a fellow Gundam fan.

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    jetski333- hope you find her at the stores I PMed ya about!

    statesofeuphoria- Man, thats cool, what is your favorite Gundam story? Mine is 8th MS team, with U.C.0083 Stardust Memory a close second and Gundam SEED third. Sieg Zeon!

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    hey VC!

    I'll try to visit those stores this wkend or go to D&B heheh

    Wanted : 25th anniv AWE STRIKER MIB w/ Crankcase


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