"Toy soldiers? Look again."


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    Very cool. They need the crawler, the kneeling aiming solder and grenade tosser! Amazing how they clean up the surrounding area to remove any foot prints. I would guess Photo-shop, but sometimes these serious art projects are done without that type of digital manipulation.

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    So this guy's 25 and has Legos all over his living room, maybe there's hope a new wave of Joe collectors is percolating.

    “It’s not like I’m obsessed with it, but there’s a simplicity to Lego models that’s quite nice – to clear your mind and help it focus a bit,” he says, only a touch sheepishly.

    As with most things, millennials are largely to blame. More than half of the ‘kidult’ spend comes from 18 to 34-year-olds, snapping up everything from £500 Scalextric sets to drones, Nerf guns and £2,00 Star Wars Lego models.

    For some it’s a chance to recapture the careless raptures of childhood, while for others it’s a chance to escape the hassle and hardships of adult life – akin to other ‘mindfulness aids’

    We have no ongoing mega-thread where this would fit, so I'll just put it ... here. Now I'm going to go rustle up and bump the childhood pics thread.

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