91 Impel Hall of Fame Inserts


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    91 Impel Hall of Fame Inserts

    I recently aquired a few MOC figures with the Hall of Fame insert, according to Mark Bellomo's book the cards themselves are hard to find. I personally hadn't seen one before. Honestly neither figure is one I want to keep carded so I wanted to get a idea if they are worth anything more than normal or if they are just your typical run of the mill 91/92 MOC figure.
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    Even though the cards are hard to find on their own I can't imagine them being worth too much more (maybe a little) because they seem to go for about average prices whenever I see them turn up.

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    I've never been able to sell a MOC figure with the HOF card for a premium. Though, as mentioned, there does seem to be a demand for the cards loose.

    Personally, I would keep them sealed if the packaging is in good shape, just for a variant.

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