Iron Grenadier Version 4?

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    Iron Grenadier Version 4?

    I have never seen one of these figures in person. Are the HTF or Rare? It might be one of the collest Cobra figures that I have ever seen and would love to buy a bunch. Anyhelp is appreciated.

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    These Wal*Mart Exclusives were pretty hard for ME to find
    I attacked 3 Walmarts within a 30mi radius soon as there were sightings
    listed on with no luck

    I was lucky enough to score several of them from a Yojoer

    SO IMO, yes they are pretty HTF
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    hehehe..I remember only one Wal-mart had 20 of these or more. I never bought them.didn't really care for the camo look with black shoulder pads. But they were very very short released.

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    my Wal-Mart quit carrying Joes, and by the time I found one that DID, they were picked clean

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    I've never seen these myself, which stinks because I really like this version.

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    Found tons

    I found tons in my area. I bought several and sold extras for cost. I ended up actually returning some due to lack of interest from buyers.

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    I'd like all the gear from this sculpt (not necessarily the Wal-mart one), for my Black Dragon Ninja

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    I never seen these in my area. I hit at least 15 walmarts looking at that time with no luck at all. these things must of had a short term at retail. I think maybe each walmart only got a case or so of those. I ended up buying 3 claws and 2 of those neo vipers off of e bay last year. If anyone has any of these they want to sell or trade let me know i would like to own at least 1 or 2 of those.

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    I love those versions, I just wish I had alot more for this.......

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    Nice looking army of cobras you have there. I always liked the ice vipers with those helmets. What do you arm them with ak's ?


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