Question about O-Rings.....

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    Cool Question about O-Rings.....

    I an new to this forum, so excuse me if I sound a little confused about this topic, but I have recently went and bought some new #10 O-Rings at the nearby Lowe's and outfitted them on some of my Vipers and Crimson Guard's. They seem to make the joints really tight and they seem to make the figures alot more tight overall. The problem is that I wonder if it is a mistake putting these new "tight O-Rings" on these vintage figures from the 80's because it might create alot of stress on the metal hook as well as the plastic that it wraps around on the inside of the figure? I am very picky about my figures and just wanted to replace the old worn out O-Rings with these new ones, but if it might damage the figures somehow in the long run, I definitely would want to know. Again, this might sound like a stupid question but if anyone could give me their opinions on this it would greatly appreciated....thanks!!!!

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    Question about O-Rings.....

    Kool...So what about the inside of the torso where it wraps around the plastic? With the O-Ring being really tight around it will it be prone to breaking over time or am I just being way to paranoid? I just hate having figures with really lose joints and waists due to bad O-Rings, escpecially with all my Vipers and Bats and CG's.......

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    Well once the figure is together again the body front & back supports it really well so those dont break too often. I have seen a few break but not very many.
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    you pretty much have to be DELIBERATELY trying to break the center post, to do any damage to it.....

    I've done it while trying to remove stripped screws, but never with just an O-Ring......

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    Yeah, the post that the o-ring loops around is very durable. Never seen one break because of an o-ring.
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    Question about O-Rings.....

    Thanks alot for all those who have responded in regard to this question!!! I think I will just leave the figures with the new tight O-Rings intact. I have many more that I also need to replace so it looks like I will be making a return trip to Lowe's tonight, that is right after I finish watching the 2nd part of Pyramid of Darkness!!! Just bought the Season 1 Part 1 DVD and it is great!!! Well, that is another topic all together. Again, thanks for the feedback. Good night all!!!!

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    size #41 sold at lowes works much much better.....
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    Sun yellowed torsos tend to be more brittle. The chest screw post may break if you screw the screw too screwin' tight, it's screwy like that.
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