Are O-Rings necessary?

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    Are O-Rings necessary?

    Here is something I'm pondering:
    Is the O-ring truely necessary anymore?

    The o-ring has basically been a hallmark of 3.75" GI Joe since its inception in 1982. At the time, it allowed a significant amount of articulation in the figure while still being fairly cheap.
    It was copied for dozens of other lines during the eighties.

    But, by this point, is it really necessary? When Hasbro brought Joe back in 2002 with tcrotches, most fans reacted rather negatively, and it was understandable as some of Joe's impressive articulation was lost (the range of hip motion). Hasbro did change them back to o-ring, but did they need to?
    Look at these two Star Wars figures:
    Clone Trooper (number 41)
    AT TE Gunner

    Between the two of them, they have all of Joe's articulation covered plus some.

    So, is a GI Joe still a GI Joe without their o-ring?

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    I just don't want "Marvel Legends" balljoints, they look like crap......

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    The o-ring not only made for great articulation but also ease of customizing and the overall look of the figures.
    The bottom line is that o-ring construction is not necessary to maintain the articulation but in order for the figures to maintain some sort of uniformity in their aesthetics it IS needed.

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    I own that figure and the Stormtrooper one just like it, and the legs can only move forward and back, not out to the sides like a o ring crotch, so when you crouch one into a firing stance his knees are very close together and it looks like hes squatting for a crap. You would be supprised how much this lack of movement in the hips hurts the overall posability of the figure. The rotating wrists and ankles are very nice, and something Joe should look into, but without the o ring crotch, those guys still dont have the range of motion like a Joe.

    The Pilot in the Second pic is a little more posable having the ball joints, but without the shape of the conventional o ring crotch, hes is gonna be bow legged all the time like he is in the picture. Looks like he just got kicked in the nuts by a kaadu.
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    Yes, the O-Ring is necessary....

    to make sure, I removed one, and the figure crumpled into three pieces.....
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    my two cents

    They are definately needed. It helps with the ease of customizing which is great and also you can make it semi-new by replacing a small band unlike other "jointed" figures who wear quickly


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    Quote Originally Posted by danyanda
    Why fix something when nothing is wrong with it?
    To use a better phrase,

    "If it ain't broke don't fix it"

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    Speaking of fixes, easy repair is also a plus for O-ring figures. And I consider the O-ring one of the distinctives that sets Joe apart from inferior toy lines (like Star Wars).

    ETA: Don't get me wrong; I like the Star Wars movies, books, comics, video games, and vintage figures. Played the Atari 2600 Empire Strikes Back just recently, in fact. But the Joes have always had an edge in the figure department.

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    Definitely, or else we'd be getting corps stuff.
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    The O-ring is so...Joe! I mean, even with all the articulation, they just don't seem right if there's not an O-ring. Besides, it's really cool to be able to play with a toy, have a swordfight/knifefight/etc., and be able to stab them in the stomach and leave the weapon in there...or maybe I'm just sick.
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