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    upcoming GI Joe repro sticker site

    I'm looking to start an online reproduction GI Joe sticker site in the near future. Unlike other sites, we will offer complete kits or single stickers, replicas of original sticker and custom stickers to add new flavors to old vehicles. I'm trying to gauge interest from the GI Joe fandom to see if you would be interested in this service. Let me know what you think. All ideas and comments will be appreciated.

    Thank you

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    sounds great to me, and I'd happily be your first customer if you had a replica of the Tiger-Fly's mouth sticker......

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    the biggest problem I have had with previous repro stickers is the cost. I do not want to spend $6 for a quarter sheet of stickers. $4-$5 for a larger vehicle and smaller vehicles ranging from $1-$3 seems more reasonable to me. Of course, I am not sure of the costs involved but I think you would see the most business by keeping the cost as low as possible.
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    Very interested. I think that there is a pretty big market for this, & as far as I know, only a couple people providing these so far. The trick would be for you to match the original quality and to make available some of the more htf decals. What is available now is great, but most of it can be found as an original if you look hard enough. Something like an S.M.S. sheet - not an impossible toy, but the decals are tough to find. The more you'd have available, the better I think you would do - as long as your quality & customer relations are good.

    Good Luck!
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    well, I recently tried my hand at the tiger fly myself, and pretty much met with disaster, hence my need for a decent repro.....

    I'm sure someone can help!

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    Just like Maurader Inc if you put out a good product you'll make a killing. PLENTY of us will buy decals to fix up our old stuff. Good luck with it if you go through with your idea.

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    I need a set of repro MOBAT decals. And in my opinion, the probable high cost of a repro totally justifies the even higher cost of the mint original label sheet.


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    luckily, so far, I only need a FEW stickers, high-priority are the mouth sticker for my Tiger Fly, a full sheet for the Sea Ray, and the top-star for my Skyhawk.....

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    I think this is a great idea!

    Personally, I'd love to be able to get a sheet of Cobra emblems of all the same size and color, such as 1/2" red, or 1/4" black, etc. Of course, a sheet of varying Cobra emblems is good too, but when you need 50 black 1/4" Cobra logos for your troops, you don't want to get only 5 of them on a variety sheet.

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    Well If I can get my hands on a Tiger fly, I can get a mouth sticker done. I've done a replica for the Skystiker set from a scan of the original sheet, but I like to have the actual vehicle to properly measure the fit of the sticker on the toy.

    I'm starting a "most requested vehicle" list to see which ones I should start my selection with first.

    If people are wondering about quality, I can assure you we will be supplying the highest quality kits possible. I've been doing professional design work for nearly 5 years and my partner has been in the business of reproduction stickers many years more.

    As for Cobra emblems, my partner has some available on his website for sale. Check em out at:

    Thanks for the imputs. Please keep them coming.


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