Congrats to Whoever Got These Funskools!

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    Congrats to Whoever Got These Funskools!

    Like these weren't being watched...

    As the auction ended early to do "error in listing", I assume the seller was given an offer he couldn't refuse. These will be a nice addition to the lucky person's collection.

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    Always looking for unique packaged DESTRO items & all G.I.Joe preproduction items (artwork, prototypes, etc.). Contact me! I pay well!

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    The offer must've been good. Even the Baroness lost her head over it!
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    yeah, he must of got a real good offer. i sent him one that i thought was good but never got a response. oh well congrats to you ( who ever you are )

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    Wow! Yes, congratulations if anyone bought them! I wish I had seen them... Hmmm maybe the seller will relist them individually.. (?) That would be cool!


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    I have a friend from India and he was supposed to get me a bunch of Funskool figs when he went back to visit, but he totally forgot.


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    Nooooooooo! Major Bludd, come back to me!!!!!!

    My Want List: Email me at dmooretoys @ (remove spaces) and let's deal!


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