Since there isn't a commercials forum...

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    at large...

    Since there isn't a commercials forum...

    Doing a little house keeping on my hard drives & found these:

    I don't always keep very good track of things, so I have no idea where these came from. I looked in the YoJoe commercial archives, but didn't see these there. Anybody with info, feel free to share.

    Admins/Mods - if there is any copright problem (or any other possible conflicts) with the links, take 'em down - I won't repost. I also don't want to use up server space, though, so even if they are OK to link to here, I'll probably take them down in a few days.

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    The Tyco train set was advertised in the US. I can't say that it was exclusive to the Sunbow cartoon because I remember seeing the ad on different stations. I'm guesssing the ad is from 85-86.

    I know very little about AF so I couldn't give you a date on that ad but it's definitely from the UK.
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