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    More pics like Firechief and Rusty posted!

    (I have a few I think, but I haven't been able to find them yet)
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    Quote Originally Posted by gotproblems
    This isn't a pic of MY toys, but it's still a cool pic. It makes me feel sorry for kids these days and the pathetic toy isles they have to deal with.

    Just a great photo! I could stare at this pic all day!! Although I wish I could see more of the right side of that aisle.
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    Wow, great thread.

    I don't have pics, but my best birthday ever was getting the AWE Striker and Blowtorch.

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    Got my Parents to bring a few X-mas pictures when they last visited


    Here I am with the Field Belt (Didn't even remember ever having that!)

    Also that year I had some generic military thing that was like the controls of a tank or airplane (I forget which)

    Here's the box....sorta:

    Then there was my Zartan....apparently I got it in 1986 (At least that's what's written on the back of the photo

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    Nov '84, I got a MOBAT. Was so excited I posed with the present and it was upside-down in the pic. Need to get my folks to scan in my Joe pics.

    Christmas '84, got the HQ.

    Christmas '85, ... Ya know, my mom has a book where she actually logged what my brother and I got for our brithdays and Christmases. Have to find that list.

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    Man I miss those times!!!

    Great pics guys!!!
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    This is the best thread EVER...PERIOD.

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    that aisle pic reminded me of the days of the stuffed toy aisles......
    wow...what memories.....

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    Here ya go buddy
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    A few more. U guys like the PJ's
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Name:	AAAXmas86Def.jpg 
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