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    Quote Originally Posted by bcray View Post
    When I was a kid my grandfather showed me how to make a parachute by cutting a circle out of a garbage bag and attaching numerous lengths of string to the ends of it. I think for several months every one of my joes was a paratrooper!
    It's funny, I did something very similar. I used one of my Skystriker's parachutes as a template, for the size and where to tape the strings, and cut out some parachutes out of the clear plastic bags that we put fruit into at the food store
    So much to do, so many things to distract me.
    Check out what I've been doing at JoeDios here

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIJoseph View Post
    Heres a pic of me from 1993. This was taken on a family holiday to Florida.
    This was a great holiday. My dad gave me and my brother $250 each just to spend on toys. I remember walking into Toys r us and seeing all these joes that hadnt yet been released in the UK as well as all the Jurassic park merchandise. Jurassic park hadnt been released in Movie theatres in the UK at that point so it was a real sensory overload seeing all these amazing new toys. I bought Cobra commander (black) Duke (desert camo) Cross country V2 (My 86 Version had been killed by the Lawn Mower years before so getting a new one for my Havoc was awesome) Keel Haul V2 (At this point i never new the F.L.A.G was in exsistance so this was basically an awesome new Joe) Leatherneck V2 (Never had Leatherneck and loved his charachter so loved getting this), Wild Bill V3 (My V1 was killed in the same lawn mower incident as Cross country) Zartan Ninja force (I nearly cried when i finally got a Zartan finally my joe world uptill that point always seemed incomplete without Zartan) And most importantly Firefly V2 (I was amazed to finally get a Firefly finally my 84 Scrap iron had a partner in crime!
    I also picked up the Ghoststriker, Another Joe Plane that fired water, Snowstorm, EELs V2, Colonel Courage, Ice cream soldier (Dont ask), Loads of Jurassic park figures and Dinosaurs, Some Corps figures and a Ninja Turtles figure that turned from a turtle to a ninja, I also got a Desert coloured GIJOE Scale troop transporter would love to see a pic of one if anyone knows what i mean.
    A strange thing about this holiday was i took my UK Exclusive Tiger Force joes with me, the reason was i wanted to take some Joes with me to Florida but was worried about losing them so i decided to take my least favourite Joes which were my Tiger Force Blizzard, Outback, Tunnel Rat & Sneak Peak. At this time i had absolutley no Idea these were rare. Here in the UK you saw them everywhere. Anyway i went into this Comic book store holding my TF Blizzard and TF Outback. In this store Hanging up in Baggies were Breaker and Chuckles two figures i would have loved both were about $8-10 dollars. Anyway im looking at these two Joes and the Young Guy behind the counter goes "Hey, ill swap my chuckles and Breaker for your Two figures" I looked and thought why would he want these pieces of crap so i started laughing and he must have thought why would anyone swap two rare tiger force figures for a pair of peg warmers like breaker and chuckles, so he started to laugh. Anyway i walked out the store and only realised ten years later that i probably had two of the rarest Joe items you could get at that time especially as this was pre internet and he was serious about swapping them.
    So anyway heres a pic of me on Daytone Beach pictures abit blurry, But this is a Fort on the Beach, You can see Leatherneck, Scoop, TF Blizzard, Cross country and a JP Velociraptor Also a Pirates Cove Flag
    Cool stuff, reminds me of carrying my joes to Tennessee in the summer when we went to visit family. It was literally on the side of a mountain, letting my vehicles roll down a piece of it.

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    Wow there is some nice pic in here. I will have to make scans of my pics too.
    Check out my YouTube channel = zartan

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    Quote Originally Posted by gotproblems View Post
    This isn't a pic of MY toys, but it's still a cool pic. It makes me feel sorry for kids these days and the pathetic toy isles they have to deal with.

    WOW i love this pic!!!! and will go to my archives.
    many thankx

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    Excellent thread Taichiro!. I really enjoyed scrolling through all these pages & finding all these priceless pictures!

    We have a little Facebook group of about 55 people who are doing the SAME THING! I'd love it if you all would join our group & not only re-post these great pics there (I know the other guys would LOVE these!!), but also check out OUR pictures too. It'd be a win-win for everyone. Here's the link to the group:

    If you need to "friend" me first to join, here's my FB page link too:

    Hope to see you there!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by deadfish View Post
    time machine is almost done fellas...couldn't find a Delorean but got a cheap IROC we can all pile in.....just gotta get that flex capacitor goin
    Got you covered, Deadfish.


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