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    Dude! The box is bigger than me?!?

    The spoiled kid is me, Picture is from december 1984

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viper Commander
    Wow, you were a lucky kid to have a FLAGG!
    Yes I was. It helped that my Dad was a Navy vet

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    It wasn't Christmas, but it was summer time at the beach. I either remember, or remember my brother telling me that the actual Cobra figures hadn't come out yet, that's why we had a BAD GUY figure along with Short-Fuze.

    I've done a couple drawings based on this picture, but don't have the latest one scanned/photographed yet.

    I know there are a few more with my brother and I with joes around here somewhere.

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    I dug up a few pictures from 86. I wish I still had all that stuff.
    Ouch! Watch the face

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    Man I wish I had pictures too. I just now it was 20 yrs ago this Christmas I recieved THE BATTLEPLATEFORM, COBRA MORAY and a couple figures ( crazylegs, and someone else) That was the coolest Christmas ever for me. Especially since we weren't that well off for a family of 6. Thanks DOn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Boa's punching bag 26
    Nice haul! My dad bought me the Night Raven when it came out since it was based on the Blackbird. He worked for the Pratt & Whitney development plant down here in Florida and he really loved that plane (especially since they used Pratt & Whitney engines).

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    I guess someone is glad to have Superman
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    Wow, what a haul, Sgt Duke! A Flagg, plane, billiard table, a WWF rasslin' ring, and other goodies. I would have died if I had gotten a Christmas like that!

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    Sgt. Duke your parents must have like you.

    One Christmas I got my cousins HQ box!!! that was a great christmas.
    C. M.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergeant Duke
    I guess someone is glad to have Superman
    Man I though my parents hooked me up on the Holidays, but whoa man you got tha haul there…

    I just recently saw some Christmas photos, I’ll have to try to find them again - and post a few.

    Anyways it’s great to see all the old picts – very cool
    "O wad some Power the giftie gie us
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