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    the peg warmers i remember would be Zarana and Zandar as well as Crystal Ball and probably Mindbender

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    Quote Originally Posted by CobraGang
    Mannn......I can make out Destro, Airborne and Duke to the far right of the pic. The glory days. Figures stacked deep!! Now we're reduced to a foot of shelf space and 4 pegs of nothingness. The year 2007 for Joes suck badly compared to this.
    Maybe we should forward this to Hasbro. You know, over and over so they get the darn hint already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergeant Duke
    Yes I was. It helped that my Dad was a Navy vet
    My dad is a Navy Vet too, but he would not justify spending $100 on a TOY.
    ...and there were 6 of us kids. So I got a hydrofoil instead.

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    As amazing as that shot is, it makes me wish there was a head on shot as well. I was way too young to see any of these on the shelves at stores but seeing that pic makes me realize how awesome it must have been.

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    I gotta ask if my mom has any pics from Christmas laying around still. Those are classic.

    I gotta admit though, I get a kick out of looking at the decor in the background and the heinous clothes our parents dressed in just as much as I get a kick out of seeing all those old toys!

    Sucks growing up, all I get for Christmas now is stuff for the house! My wife is my only chance nowadays for getting any toy period on Christmas morning.

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    Man, these pics are incredible. I'm really feeling nostalgic right now.

    I've got a few pics somewhere. I'll try to find them. The one I absolutely know for sure I have somewhere is from Christmas '87 with me holding my unopened Transportable Tactical Battle Platform my parents found at a nearby smalltown True Value that miraculously (to me) still had it in stock 2 years after it's release (they also had the Conquest X-30 on the shelf from the previous year still too).

    I woke up at 5:30 or some waaaay too early time that morning because I was so psyched (I had a hunch I was getting the TTBF lol). I begged my parents to get up, but they wouldn't. To shut me up they told me I could open one small present, which turned out to be a Battle Accessory Pack.

    That was the BEST Christmas I've ever had. I played with my Platform and my new figs and new LCV Recon Sled all day long because we were hit with a blizzard/ice storm that Christmas which kept everybody inside, which is actually a pretty cool, "cozy" and warm memory.

    Thanks for starting this thread. I love this stuff. I'll try to find my pics and post them here.

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    Everytime I go to Toys r Us now and think about how they have a tiny little rack for GI joes that arent in stock I think of how the toys r us looked like when I was a kid. It looked very much like the picture a few pages ago. What store is that picture from? I see lawn furniture, a gazebo, and a basketball goal in the background so Im guessing its not Toys r Us which I would say had more or about the same amount of stuff thats pictured here.
    Great picture

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    Well, I've looked and can't find the pics I'm thinking of. I think my Mom may have some of them somewhere. I'll ask her this Christmas.

    I'm still very interested to see any pics anybody has from childhood, esp. Christmas pics because I'm in a really big Christmas mood right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gotproblems
    This isn't a pic of MY toys, but it's still a cool pic. It makes me feel sorry for kids these days and the pathetic toy isles they have to deal with.

    god if that isn't a blast from a past i don't know what is

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    Boy it would be nice to go back in time


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