Childhood Joe Pics!

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    Childhood Joe Pics!

    Post 'em up....

    most of us wouldn't be here if it weren't for us playing with GI Joe as kids....

    let's see you gettin' into the spirit of things, and being rough with your toys!

    That M.A.G.G.O.T. was my little brother's (Far Right) b-day present.....

    really neat toy (I eventually got the Mean Dog to take it on).......

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    Thats awesome!! I was actually going to post something just like this because I found a lot of christmas pics the other day. One is me unwrapping a ground assault sears set. lol I will get some pics..
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    I've got one of my dad putting together my Tiger Fly back in '88 (?) too......

    I'll post it up later, if this thread takes off!

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    Man, I wish my folks took pictures when I was growing up. I will see if I can find anything like this, but I seriously doubt it. Great thread!!!! Hopefully, someone will post more pics!

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    The only photo I have is of me on X-mas of 84 with a Brawn and Skywarp in each hand, don't think there are any of me and joes. But I know there was a x-mas where I got Firefly, Lowlight, Sneak Peek and the Crimson Twins, so maybe mom has some

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    I hope so!

    I'll get a couple more up eventually (it would seem I have a lot of pics of my old Tiger Force stuff!)

    My lil' Bro had a Joe Themed B-Day, I'll try to dig out the pics for that, because the party decorations rule!

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    i know i have some at my parents house, where ill be this weekend. If i find them i will scan and post.
    but keep in mind these pics would be from the early 90s so there wont be and "special" joe items

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    I do remember my parents getting me a GI JOE birthday cake at one point. I will see if I can get that picture! I know there is one somewhere. There should be a couple JOES in the pic too, if I remember correctly.

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    I have some pretty good childhood joe pics somewhere around here, I'll post as soon as I find them.

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    I found this pic of me and my little brother from the Christmas of 83.


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