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    So I got thinking...

    ..Hi Joe Fans.. So i got thinking..
    Seeing as though this is a UK Collectors thread.. I was thinking of getting some of us together and organising a joe night.. where.. we could all sign on MSN Messenger at same time or Yahoo messenger or this forum?
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    I live down in West Sussex!

    Your Joe night sounds like a pretty good idea though, we'll have to sort something out.
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    Joe night

    I'm on both Messenger services now!

    West Sussex.. thats a way off!
    I'm in Manchester.. but we could still organize something..
    I'm online most nights at around 6 onwards on msn and yahoo messenger.
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    So I got thinking...

    ..Anyways.. I was thinking first if we could establish what everyones setup would be...
    So like.. it takes about 10 mins max to setup a hotmail account. And to get messenger installed.. even if you had an earlier version it would be cool.

    Then of course its a matter of getting people together at the right time.. i don't mind being the organizer. I was thinking we could have subjects to talk about.. like an agenda to discuss. On Messenger you can have people join the conversation.. so it literally would be a few of us at the same time talking.. It seems theres alot of support for Joes in the states but scarce support in the uk.. but that doesnt mean the uk shouldnt have or hold representatives..

    I've been communicating with forum member Atlantic through PM .. can you get back to me on details of what system or setup you prefer to use?

    I'm on both so i'm not particularly fussed. I've recently helped sign up a family member too.. he collects joes.. member name Big Boa.. if we can get a couple of us together i'm thinking joe night could bring back a few memories!!
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    I'm also on MSN, if anyone would like to add me, feel free to pm me to ask.

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    Yeah where gonna have to sort something out for this G.I Joe Night
    Too bad Nems away on messenger at the moment by the way War angel have you got nems e-mail adrress?anyways this messenger night how about tonight at around six?Pm me if you want
    Big Boa

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    I'm not too sure if I'm busy tonight, if not, I'll try to be on.

    I dont have Nem's email, sorry.

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    War Angel try and go on messenger now Nems online and im having a conversation with him so if you go on it now i will invite you to our conversation
    Big Boa

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    Yay!.. WarAngel my msn and yahoo ID's are on my profile. I've PM'd you as well.
    If you can make it to messenger.. any UK member reading this be on messenger tonight at Eighteen hundred hours!
    YOJOE!.. AND Cobra La!
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    Hi guys, I'm Dave, a Joe collector from Bonnie Scotland! Based in Edinburgh, I find my best bet for Joes is ebay. Although TRU, Instores/Poundstretchers have some and sometimes Toyworld. At the moment it's mostly all BTR stuff, Sand Razors and HISS's! Asda USED to have millions...

    The lack of stuff is fairly depressing... Fingers crossed Christmas brings some new Joes to the store... It happened last year...

    Any other tips for finding figs and vehicles?




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