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Thread: UK Collectors

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    i got the gi joe pit my
    local toy shop got it in for me

    its ok but i like to use the mcc


    rob uk

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    I've still yet to see Wave 2 Nick, I think I'm cursed.

    How much did the Pit set you back C-GDSM 2487? I've seen it for £125 online.

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    IT COST me £120.00
    the shop still only got wave 1 but expecting wave2 at anytime

    rob uk

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    Where abouts are you in the country?

    Is the PIT worth the cash? it does look a great item to me.

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    I bought a few Joe's on my trip to the US, I didn't see a single PIT Commando though.

    The display at TRU in Times Square was amazing, so much stuff but so little space in my suitcase. I did grab however:

    Ice Dagger
    Ice Viper
    Crimson Neo-Viper
    Firefly (TRU Exclusive)
    Air-Viper (Target Exclusive)

    And 3 G.I. Joe T-shirts from Hot Topic.

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    Talking Cobra APV

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick76UK
    Just found wave 2 in the entertainer. Bought Cover Girl, Deep Six and Reactive Armour Heavy Duty, no Sgt Stone though.

    Anyone seen the PIT yet?
    The Pit is in my Entertainer for £129.99 I'll be passing on the ROC line, although if the Cobra A.P.V comes down in price i'll definately buy it.
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    Been a while since I last posted here, but that's because I haven't collected anything in a while. My most recent grabs are:

    . Steel Brigade V1.B complete with patch
    . Duke V1 complete no file card (although his right leg has been replaced)
    . Baroness V1 complete with file card
    . Overlord V1 with Dictator Tank complete
    . Tunnel Rat V1 complete with filecard
    . Tigerforce Tunnel Rat incomplete

    I'm gonna pass on the RoC line because there's not many places nearby that carry it and plus I didn't care much for the movie.

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    I'm a UK seller just started getting rid of my collection. If anyone is interested the list is here

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    For those of you that are interested in all things Action Force I have a couple of MIB items on Ebay now. The Action Force Air Defence Battle Station and the Conquest X-30. MIB, complete, stickers unapplied.

    For more information check out the link below.
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    This is the last day for all the auctions. Happy bidding and good luck.



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