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    Debenhams in the UK now have the Pit for £30, plus around £3 shipping. Well worth it at that price.

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    Hello everyone!

    Thought I might as well make my first post a helpful one, so just to let all you fellow UK Joe fans know that I have just popped into my local Home Bargains store and picked up the Target exclusive Snake Eyes & Arashikage Cycle for £3.99.

    This was the only GI Joe figure in the shop but there was a price ticket on the shelf with 'GI Joe Deluxe Fig' so it may point to more things to come (fingers crossed).

    There are about 4 other stores in my area so will have to have a good hunt about next week.

    And if anyone is also interested they had Transformers Movie Voyager 2 packs £9.99, Superion £14, and the Indiana Jones 5 packs for £4.99. I was a bit 'meh' about the Indies, but will pick up the TF 2 pack.

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    Quick question for UK collectors, are there common Action Force (UK only) figures and vehicles? Like Space Force or Blades, or the like? I know in the US you can go in to any toy/collectible show and if a dealer has Joes, he probably has Crystal Ball, Deep Six v1, and other common figures. Is there a UK counterpart(s)? I am wanting to start a collection of figures exclusive to UK/Europe and I'm wondering if any of the ones I want will be easier to get. Thanks!

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    The easiest to find UK-only items are probably the Palitoy ones that had vintage Star Wars-like construction rather than the Joe repaints. Mutons are probably the easiest to find, particularly carded, as a UK toy store chain somehow ended up with loads of them in the late '90s.

    With the Joe repaint UK exclusives, none of them really show up all that often although I'd say you're probably more likely to find Quarrel and Stalker, then Steeler and Red Jackal, then the rest. Gaucho and Jammer might be the hardest to find since they came with the HQ which would have sold less, being a high price-point item, so there are less "out there." Finding any of them in mint condition is an even greater challenge; Quarrel's crotch is prone to breaking, the paint rubs off Stalker's mask/nose, Blades' SAS logo apparently comes off in a light breeze...

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    Ebay prices can vary on the UK Joe variants but you can get lucky; for example Red Laser (red CC repaint which was packed with the Palitoy red version of the HAL) can easily reach £30 or more in good condition. However, last week I won a near mint Laser Exterminator complete with Red Laser for only £8, so bargains are definately out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the enemy muton
    ................However, last week I won a near mint Laser Exterminator complete with Red Laser for only £8, so bargains are definately out there.
    are you serious? man Im so jealous
    "We Will be victorious"!--Iron Claw
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    Thanks for the info andymort. That helps. I don't mind condition so much right now as I am just getting started. I have 3 Brazil exclusives (Urzor, Gatilho, and Ar Puro) and each have 2 broken thumbs. I like them for the nostalgia right now. Right now, I'd like to get...

    Stalker (Snake Eyes mold)
    Space Engineer
    Space Patroller
    Space Security Trooper
    Tiger Force Blizzard
    Tiger Force Outback
    Tiger Force Tunnel Rat
    Mutt (redeco)
    Red Jackal
    Red Laser
    Red Wolf

    I know that is no small order, but if I come across C6/C7 versions of them (even incomplete, or figure only), I'd be good for a while. As for UK items, all I have right now is a blue laser rifle (like Flash's) with no cord on it. Guess it's time to post in the Classifieds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamarmiller
    are you serious? man Im so jealous
    Yeah, I was pretty amazed when I actually won - I was sure someone was going to come in and snipe it at the last second and push the price way up lol! That's what usually happens to me!

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    I started my Action Force collection! I was able to acquire a few of the earlier figures recently. Here is a list...

    Space Pilot
    Black Major
    Red Shadow
    Aqua Trooper
    Baron Ironblood

    They are all worn in some way but most of the Red Shadows logos are better than 50%. I am really interested in getting the blue accessories for the Space Pilot and Aqua Trooper, but most of all, I want to find Baron Ironblood's helmet. Is there an easier way to get it? Does anyone make a reproduction? (in a different color or marked so it can't be passed off as original) I'll post a pic as soon as I can.

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    The only way I got a mint complete Ironblood was to buy one MOC and open him up! The helmet isn't hard plastic but thin vinyl so is easily damaged or lost. Luckily the majority of straight-arm AF figures don't appear to be too difficult to find on ebay and you may very well pick up an Ironblood for £10-£15. That's a nice little collection you have there by the way!


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