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Thread: UK Collectors

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    homebargains sometimes do the new double figure packs for £1.99 and sometimes a vehicle pack for around £4

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    Cool! They have been getting some good stuff in Home Bargains, just waiting for the ROC stuff to turn up now.

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    in uk its always worth checking stores like, £stretchers and wilkinsons, rarely when my wife drags me into a pound shop ill see some. i also wondered into a charity shop to give some stuff and seen a bucket full of joes. all these are worth a try.

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    just a quick update a shop called forbidden planet have all the rise of cobra figures and most of the 25th anniversary ones, the rise of cobra ones are not as cheap as places like asda and tesco but have a bigger collection of them.

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    Thought I would sign up here to broaden my horizons. I'm fairly new to Action Forc........ I mean GI Joe collecting. I mainly post over at BFTB and I see a couple of names that I recognise from there too.

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    Lol hello ODB, same here, broadening the horizons.
    Will check out homebargains for some Joe stuff. Poundland recently had the last Trek movie figures in but haven't seen any Joes yet.

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    Hey AF yep broadening my horizons, trying to up my count to start trading.

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    Welcome ODB

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    I can't believe this thread is still going after close to 5 years after I started it.

    Does anyone know if we're getting the Pursuit of Cobra releases over here?

    Anyone had any recent sightings of the movie line? Sainsbury's had some cheap figures recently but they seem to be thin on the ground.

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    I can't guarantee you that POC is coming out in the UK, but the English packaging from USA has British and Australian Hasbro addresses in the fine print. I'd take that as a good sign.


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