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    Thanks to everyone in attendance last night. I really enjoyed myself, even if I wasn't in the long haul. I'm looking forward to next week already.

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    I've not used this facility yet but it maybe of use to those who wish to buy from the States but need a US address:

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    Hmm thats very usefull..

    ..Thats very Usefull..Altho.. whats their catch.. surely they cannot offer this service for FREE!!..As how do they operate at a loss?

    I'm interested certainly.. as it helps with what we discussed about purchasing from the US as a UK collector.

    Thanks for the Intel Stephen it certainly helps with Mission.

    Full Force!
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    Hello United Kingdom Shops.. Old Stock

    Hello Collectors from UK.

    I just got word from my Sister that my local TRU was selling some old stock about 2 years old.

    So i got my moms to take me to TRU.. (As legally i cannot drive yet).. but hey.. I picked up four COBRA HISS 4's a Cobra Ringneck and a Joe Split Fire.. I was well pleased as TRU sold them cheap.

    I have pic's on my [email protected](below) Still waiting on my Royal Guard and 2 AV's, also my MOC Figures to arrive. Should be some time this week.. YAY!

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    I'm not sure of the exact details, but they do charge a small fee. I'm looking at making a small purchase (a couple of the wave 3 DTC figures, are they out soon?) and see how I get on.

    There are also lots of other things that are cheaper in the US too, so it may save some more money elsewhere so that you can buy even more Joes!

    Sounds like you've had a result there Nem.That's pretty much the same stuff that they had at TRU down my way, but I really don't have space for more vehicles.

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    Ringneck and Split Fire?! How much?! Any left?!

    I don't have a TRU nearby even if I could drive!

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    UK collector night

    Yup, good night had by all. Look forward to the next discussion. Sore on the hands tho....
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    Quote Originally Posted by andymort
    Ringneck and Split Fire?! How much?! Any left?!
    I don't have a TRU nearby even if I could drive!
    Nope. I bought pretty much what was there., Theres a HISS IV Left and az Sand Razor. I told my mum to check out the TRU @ Ancoats and see if they had any old stock left.
    Heres to hope eh guys?
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    A quick question please guys:

    What's the difference between G.I. Joe The Movie and G.I. Joe The Movie Special Edition?


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    Arg. I have 4 HISS IVs already, and while I wouldn't turn another down, just to make an even bigger column of tanks (or two) I'd love the variety a Ringneck would provide. And the Split Fire looks like an interesting enough vehicle but the chance for a new character, Rampage, is the real draw. I just wouldn't use him alongside JvC Beach Head...!

    I didn't even know these had been released in the UK. The most my local toy store ever got was the first wave of figures (you know, the one without any army builders), the Assault Quad, FANG III, Sand Razor and HISS IV. And then, to taunt me with thinking more was coming, the Conquest X-30. That was only about 8 quid, though, so I did get 3

    What I'm really looking for now is base/HQ stuff. I want to do some dio-stories and while I have the cast I'm lacking in sets. I've got the Battle Platform for the Joes, plus Checkpoint Alpha, Air Defense, Forward Observer and the Mortar set to give the Joes somewhere to be and just a Cobra Bunker for the bad guys! Wish I'd hung on to my cardboard Death Star...


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