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    Sorry Nem, my Christmas shopping trip turned out to be a pretty long winded affair.

    I'm sure that more of us will be about in the New Year.

    Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all get the Joes you're after!!!

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    meep, I wasn't too well on thursday.

    I'll be on for the last part of the next one, all being well as I said I'm quite busy during thursday evening.

    See you all then hopefully.

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    Hello All!

    ..What did everyone get?

    I got some shower stuff for Christmas.. mind you I need it don't I... with me being made/raised from a pile of dead things.... I did get something JOE this Christmas.. My sister got me a Piranha attack boat.. which I immediately set up and put in the bath!!.. Woo Hoo.. can't wait until summer time.. gonna try it in one of those circular paddling pools..
    I've got a ton of stuff expected in.. My Tomahawk, My Skystriker my 10 ordered figs from Joe HQ and.. the other night I won a complete Hydrofoil.. although.. I haven't received the invoice for that yet..
    Yup January is going to be a busy month..
    So what did you get..
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    I got nothing Joewise.

    Well, I got money which will buy joe but thats it.

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    Great haul Nem

    I didn't get any Joes for Christmas, but that was no real surprise.

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    Thursdays Discussion Night

    ..Hello Welcome to the New Year Everyone!

    As promised I will be hosting a Discussion Night On Msn this Thursday 5th January from 19:00pm onwards.

    However to welcome the new year in it will be a little more .. Informal.. laid back and relaxed with no specific agenda. Just a good friendly chat covering a wide range of subjects.

    IM me on MSN or PM me to the Forum if you would like to join. All existing AF Members I'll speak to you on the night!

    Happy New Year to all the AF UK Discussion Members!

    I sometimes.... can be awesome?

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    I'll be there Nem sorry i couldn't be there last time cus i wunt feeling to good either Boa

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    I'll try my best to be on for it.

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    I'll do my best too - I start my new job this week and it finishes at 5.30pm (hopefully) so I should be around 6.30ish

    Happy New Year everyone

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    Talking Joes i got for christmas

    Hey every one happy new year to all!
    christmas was good a Hiss Tank IV with a neo viper and a joe copter with wild bill, Recondo and Sand Viper couldn't believe it my joe collection is really building up i have thirty i think it could be more. I also ordered a shadow strike complete storm shadow complete and a firefly complete with file card all under £10!
    Hope Everyone else had a christmas and new year
    a very pleased and satisfied Boa


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