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    UK Collectors

    I've just returned from the States with quite a few figures and vehicles from KB Toys and TRU however upon my return to the UK I can't seem to find any here. Have Hasbro stopped supplying them in the UK/Europe?

    Please can someone point me in the direction of some UK suppliers that I can contact?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    I dont think theres any left, you can find the odd toy in poundstretchers/Instore and places similar to that but thats it really.

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    Thanks for that, I thought that may be the case.

    Are there any UK online dealers that you can recommend?

    There seem to be quite a few US dealers, but I'm not sure about customs charges. It could make any purchases I make very expensive.

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    None that I know of.

    I always order under 100 bucks so I never have any troubles with customs or I deal with friends so its down as a gift.

    I've found buying new from the uk ebay is actually dearer that buying from the states even when you factor in shipping.

    Ie I can pick up a VvV pack for around $5-7 when over here I've seen them on ebay for £9.99

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    Well, most of the stuff on UK Ebay seems to be very expensive.

    Thanks for the advice, I think that I'll make up an order of around $50 to start with and see how I get on. Do you have any pointers on who I should try?

    Thanks again, sorry to be a pain.

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    Don't worry about it, I'm happy to help

    You can't go far wrong with or if you're looking for vintage and modern, modern only try or all great sites, I only wish Smalljoes still took paypal as now I can't shop with them.
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    Thanks very much for those links, those sites look great.

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    it doesnt cost much to ship to the UK from the states, that doesnt stop most dealers from charging high shipping though. I just sent a figure to europe for like 90 cents, and it would have cost about 60 cents if it was in the states. so shipping shouldnt be a big deal.

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    I've just returned from Chicago myself and purchased all the 6 figure packs and the Moray Hydrofoil in the many TRU stores. I was disappointed that I couldn't find any comic packs though.

    However I normally use to purchase the modern figures. The shipping is quit expensive but still cheaper than buying the packs from eBay UK.

    There's still alot of BTR packs in local stores here in the UK but I don't see them as true Joe.

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    Hello .. I'm from UK

    ..I'm from the UK.. I've been buying off and GI JOE HQ.. both of which i recommend. I have purchased a few items from Ebay uk but like already mentioned in previous posts the sellers seem to charge an arm n leg for what they have.

    I would definately recommend Joe HQ.. I've bought loads of stuff from there in the last few months and it stays quite well stocked too!

    Anyhow.. hopefully see you about or if you want to email me. BTW.. Which part of England you live in Stephen?
    I'm from Manchester.
    I sometimes.... can be awesome?


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