One heck of a Christmas light display!!!

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    One heck of a Christmas light display!!!

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    If I lived next door to that house, after about the twentieth time it went off, I'd have to start investing in pineapple grenades.

    That IS a pretty cool display, tho.

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    Sweet heavy metal Christmas music! That is an awesome display. If I lived next to that though, I would go crazy too.

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    Well, I have to give the guy credit. That is probably the most unique display of Christmas lights I have ever seen. I fully expected to see video of another display of just a big pile of crap made of up lights and decorations like I usually see. There is a place in St. Petersburg, FL that does this. Endless amounts of lights and crap. Some people get awe struck by it but wasn't impressed at all.

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    OMG! That was....well, wicked! But yeah, pineapple grenades do sound like a good idea if my neighbors did that


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